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Do you have environmentally-friendly big stores near you?

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We have a new Walmart opening next week in my city and they have a number of environmentally friendly features that people are talking about


Our shelter which was built last year have the same geothermal system and it has helped a lot with bills etc as well as saving environmentally too but the rest is pretty impressive for a walmart

We also have a new apartment building (high rise) set to be built soon with similar features http://www.stratacondos.ca/

Strata will be the third 'major building' to have extensive geothermal heating and cooling

Lets not argue about Walmart values and get this moved please, I was just wondering if anyone had similar buildings in their area past single family houses etc
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Portland has a huge 'green' community... we have several condo/mid-rise apartment buildings that are green... one is a building I'd LOVE to move into, but will most likely be way out of my price range... another, a restricted income building, I'm on the waitlist for... they're being built all over the area... some older buildings are being retrofitted as well... it's a big deal here. Many builders are aiming for LEEDS certification... which is awesome. I don't know about stores that are doing the 'green thing' .... but i think the new IKEA here was built that way... I don't know about others...

Many years ago, they demolished a freeway running through downtown and built up a greenbelt... not actual green building, but certainly compliments it... maybe someone who's lived here longer and is on this forum can give better detail... I understand that was way back and I've only been here 2 1/2 years...

ETA: Found this on Wikipedia:
Tom McCall Waterfront Park runs along the west bank of the Willamette for the length of downtown. The 37 acre (150,000 m²) park was built in 1974 after Harbor Drive was removed and now plays host to large events throughout the year. Portland's downtown also features two groups of contiguous city blocks dedicated for park space; they are referred to as the North and South Park Blocks.

This runs along the river... very nice stretch of land... lots of festivals and stuff... literally something different nearly every week or so (or that is what it seems like).
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