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My Grandma Lost Her Second Cat in 2 Weeks!

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We're not sure if Snowball and Buttons were littermates. My grandma and I got them as shelter kitties when her 16 year old cat finally passed away. Not 2 weeks ago, Snowy and Buttons were chasing each other down the hall and Snowy just collapsed on the floor. My grandma thinks she might have just had a heart attack (she wasn't much over 2 years old). She tried to massage her heart and maybe bring her back.

Since then, Buttons became extremely depressed. She wouldn't eat or drink a whole lot. My grandma tried to comfort her but I found out today she just died. We guess she was just so depressed she lost the will to live anymore. My grandma is a bit sad at having to bury two cats in two weeks, but deep down I can imagine them chasing each other across the bridge!!

Just had to get that off my chest!
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How upsetting for your Grandma!

RIP Snowball and Buttons! and some for your Grandma
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Godspeed over RB, Snowy and Buttons Condolences to your Grandma - that is so sad Maybe the kitties had something wrong that was due to their unknown history. I hope that your grandma finds the healing and comfort in know that she was such a blessing to her cats, that they crossed knowing that what it was to be loved, to have names and a real family to miss them.
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This is so sad for the poor babies and your Grandma

Have fun over the bridge Snowball and Buttons

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Aww thanks you guys. I will be sure to let her know that there's lots more vibes than those of us that knew her furkids personally!

The good news is, she's planning to adopt a shelter cat in the spring so yet another one will know what it's like to be totally spoiled rotten - just one this time though, she couldn't go through losing two so close together again!

She lives by herself so having a cat to pamper and care for is good for her (and doubly good for the cat!)
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I'm so sorry for your Grandmothers loss, how sad. Rest in Peace Snowball and Buttons.
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Oh my goodness! That is so sad. They must have been so close for one to pine away that much

I guess they are at least together again
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