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Bugsy is home!

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Bugsy is home!!!
Oh boy - this is going to be an interesting ride!!!
First and foremost, here is my beautiful boy (sorry for the quality of the pic - he is currently hiding under the bed)

He is SOOOOO gorgeous!!! He is retired breeding ragdoll, solid white. His litter was all flame point. He is 20 months old, and I am guessing about 16lbs. He was 13lbs when he was 13 months old, in may. He feels very solid, and his size is.... wow!
This is going to be an interesting ride to say the least . I put him in the bathroom, and Lucky on the rest of the house. The problem is, he doesn't want to stay in the bathroom - he sneaked out as I was coming in, and went straight to explore the house. Lucky is afraid of him, I think, but when he was under the bed Lucky also went there. No hissing, no fighting, nothing like that; they are extremely curious about each other, but nervous.
I was finally able to get Lucky outside, and closed him in the bedroom - so now he has 1/2 of the house, and Lucky the other 1/2.
I don't know how we are going to do tonight - he is a lover, and keeps calling me to go in. If I close him in the bathroom, I am sure he will be calling me all night!
He is VERY cuddly, and wants to be around me all the time... Oh boy!!
How do I make him feel welcomed, without making Lucky jealous?
Anyway: what to do, what to do......
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Bugsy is gorgeous he looks so cuddly.Congrats on your new boy
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Handsome boy!
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He is gorgeous!

It's a fine line you'll have to walk for a while until Lucky and Bugsy get their relationship worked out. The fact that there isn't any aggression is a HUGE plus! Sounds like you'll be able to do an abbreviated separation period, since they've already met and there wasn't even any hissing.

Be sure to spend time with both of them while they are separated. Sounds like they'll make sure that happens. Once they are together, even for short periods of time, be sure that you greet Lucky first, feed her first, give her treats first, play with her get the idea. That lets them both know that she's higher in the hierarchy in your mind. It may not stay that way, but it will help reassure her to begin with.
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oh my goodness

He is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sure Bugsy and Lucky will be best of friends in no time.
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Congratulations on your new Ragdoll boy I would put a toy or that Lucky has his scent on so they can exchange each others smells. They will be best friends within a week is my guess from experience with Ragdolls
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Oh my stars is he gorgeous -- and he sounds like a sweetie! So now you have two darling babies!
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He is gorgeous, I bet he and Lucky will be fast friends
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oh my gosh what a beautiful baby!!! Congrats he's purrrrrty
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Bugsy is gorgeous! Many and good luck wishes that he and Lucky have a great relationship!
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Congratulations! I didn't even know you were getting another kitty!

A group of people are trying to get self coloured Ragdolls accepted here in NZ
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Oh, he does look big! Can`t wait to see more of him.

Hopefully there will be no agro and they will be best of friends
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He is HUGE - such a sweetheart too!
I went out of town today for the day, and they stayed home alone - together... I know it was only the second day, and risky, but they are fine! I got home and they both came for pets... They both ate, and there are no signs of fighting.... On the contrary - it looks like Lucky is more alert and active, also eating more than before Bugsy came home.
They are not friends yet, but I think it looks very promising. Lucky is watching the house like a hawk! The impression I am getting is that she is protective of me... I was afraid she was going to get shy again, but nope, she is actually more outgoing...
I am waiting for better lighting tomorrow to take pictures of my beautiful boy.
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I can't wait to see the pictures! I am glad it is going well!
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ok - here are some more pictures of my boy:

isn't he cute??
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I love the new pictures and your new siggy!

It sounds like they're getting along really well!
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