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What's with this?

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Anne, there's this "safeguard" built into the web site's software which precludes the posting of an image more than once. I found this out tonight, when a window came up telling me I should "refrain" from posting "duplicate" images; and it went on to tell me the particular image I'd chosen was already used — on a completely different thread!

Now, I'll not be posting any more images. What choice have I? Am I supposed to remember every single image I've ever posted to The Cat Site? It's ridiculous! On top of the insulting message, the entire post is erased!

Something needs fixing, I'd say.

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that sucks !

i havent had that problem... is this just with 'attachments' Mr.Cat?

but remember, Anne is not really familiar with the new software either,
there have been a few problems

hopefully it can be fixed.
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Hello, there! Well, I don't know if the problems exists only with attachments. I've not tried posting images in the body of the text in quite a while, as the "attachment" method is (or was) so much easier. I'll try posting a "duplicate" image via VBulletin code in the body of a post and see what happens, then post the result here.

Thank you for your attention to this matter!

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well, i am the 'mod' in this Forum, thank you for giving me something to do !


let me know what happens
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hmmmm... I'll have to look into that later on today - I'm going out in a few minutes. I think that what happens is as each uploaded image is being stored on the site, they put in some mechanism that would prevent blocking the forum altogether by spamming it with large images. I'm pretty sure posting it as an image tag in the post won't be a problem. Alternatively, maybe you can change the name of the file on your computer before attaching it?

I'll see if there's something I can change about it in the control panel.

Oh, and sorry if the wording was offensive. I think that maybe the writers of this software are British, their messages sometimes come across funny.
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Hello! Well, I did try changing the name of the file; but that didn't work. Oh, well. I'm going to post a repeat image in the body of one of my messages, to see if that avenue is immune to the Image Police. I'll post the result here.

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The situation seems to be this: The "attach" function stores images in The Cat Site's hidden vaults, so in order to avoid cluttering up the storage with duplicate images the Image Police decline to accept an image more than once.

However, since images posted within the body of a message's text are stored elsewhere, no storage problem is perceived and the Image Police allow duplication via that route. I store images at Virtue.Nu, so I'll take that avenue in the future.

The only problem with Virtue.Nu is that it's often unreliable, as can be seen by the frequent absences of my signature-block's cat. Oh, well!

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