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Please Help! My cat's in Labor!

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I did not think my cat was pregnant again but she was and is in labor. She's had 2 kittens so far and this is her 2nd litter. Her first was nearly a yr ago and she had 5 boys. This appears to be 2 boys and they've been out a while as they are dry and nursing. Her belly still feels a bit big so are there more kittens in there? I am concerned because 2 seems like a small litter for the size belly she had. I thought she was just fat. Anyhow...she's completely cleaned up and I see no blood, which she had last time she had babies. IS she done? PLEASE RESPOND ASAP. Thanks.
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How long since she had her last kitten?

If she's comfortable and you have given her dry bedding, she'll be OK just keep an eye on her.

If she's agitated or having contractions and it's been 30 minutes call your vet.

Congratulations - will you get her fixed to avoid more unexpected babies?
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Hi yes she will definitely be getting fixed. She seems very relaxed and purring. nursing fine. I didn't even know anything until I heard her baby cry. It's been about 15 mins and she just went back under my daughter's bed. We had pulled her and her 2 babies out and put them in a laundry basket with towels.
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It sounds as though she's done although sometimes they get quite relaxed after they've 'emptied' one horn of their uterus.

Push on her tummy and see if it's hard or soft. If it's hard she's probably still got another bubby but if it's soft she's probably done.

Make sure you keep her away from the other cats too so she feels safe.

And on the spaying!
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Thanks. I've felt but I don't know what I'm feeling for lol. Pardon my stupidity Her nipples are quite enlarged and I feel plenty of those but is 2 kittens common?
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Very common - is she quite a small cat? Litter size varies from 1-9 babies generally.

You were feeling for babies They are normally quite obvious in the pelvic region if she's going to have more!
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Shes a norwegian forest cat so she's not small but not huge. Her tummy feels weird, like huge lumps in her nipple region. are those kittens?
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Nope that will be her milk bags

How's she doing now?
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She has only had 2 and she seems fine but I'm calling my vet to get an xray and just make sure. Kittens are nursing and very LOUD! LOL Guess that means they are strong and healthy? 2 just seems to me like such an odd small litter after having 5 the first time.
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Na! I don't think she'll have any more. How did the x-ray go?
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Wasn't able to get it as my open vet on sundays was closed for some reason yesterday. She's doing great though with the 2 boys and feeding like a champ. No nipple fighting lol. She's a natural. I do not feel anything in her tummy.
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