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Which hand

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do you use?
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I write and do most things with my right hand. But I can use my left for different things too. Sometimes I catch myself eating with my left and I can write decently with it too. My parents had a big deal when my brother was just little. They MADE him use his right hand. He wasn't allowed to use his left to write or eat or anything like that. I'm not sure why they did that to him...I'm sure they did that to me too.
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I write and do most things with my right hand. But, working in a lab, you learn to use both hands as much as possible, so I'm comfortable using my left hand. Also, I prefer to kick with my left foot.
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I'm left handed but I use my right for certain things. ie; the scissors, the can opener, the mouse, etc. etc.
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I'm right handed for everything but I can write with my Left hand if needed , Also I'm left footed if I drop something I pick it up with my left toes
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I am so right hand dominant it's ridiculous! I'm surprised I can type as well as I can. That's why I could never get good at playing the piano - I could never get my left hand to do something independent of the right hand!
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I am a righty all the way - I have chicken scratch whenever I try to use my left.
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Right! right?

Shell - that's so strange with your parents! why didn't they want you guys to use your left hand?
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It was once believed that is you used your left hand it wouuld hold you back in life. Writing would be more difficult, eating in a cafateria you tend to elbow the person next to you ect. Most things are geared for rightys. I say go ahead and use what is comfy for you and be happy with what you can do!
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I started out as a "southpaw", but smashed my wrist at ten, then broke it again the following year, and have had a number of operations on it over the years. I can use it, but have little strength or feeling in it, so I've had to become right-handed. I still find myself trying to do things with my left hand, though.
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I read somewhere or head from someone that in certain countries (I can't remember which ones) that you used your right hand to eat and your left hand to wipe when you went to the bathroom. Sorry if this sounds gross! So, you were never allowed to do anything with your left hand and everyone was kinda forced to be right-handed. Has anyone else heard of this?
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Yes - in Islamic countries. An English friend of mine is married to a Muslim Sri Lankan, and after twenty years of marriage they're still fighting about her using the "wrong" hand for certain tasks!
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I know I have already replied to this thread about what hand I am but I just wanted to share that this boy in my class called Liam who is Left handed VERY left handed writes really weird sort of with his arm in a "curve" it's really weird , All the good looking guys in our class are left handed , Hmmmmm wonder why
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A Southpaw all the way here. And yep, I do the curve thing. I think we do it so that we can get our writing to slant the right way - I do anyway. Next time you have a hot drink, put the cup in your left hand - I hate how the design is always on the other side. Almost every day, I come across something hard to use left-handed. Here's a good one, put a soup ladle in your left hand - no good.

Remeber when Flanders opened the Leftorium? Poor guy!
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