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Your cats favorite toys?

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What are they?
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Cardboard boxes and anything that moves.
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Max loves a big fat mouse toy my sister bought for him. He doesn't like the small mice toys. He also loves cardboard boxes, the less he fits in them the more he likes them. I just get a kick every time he tries to fit into those too-small-for-him boxes.

My other cat, Mia, loves small mice toys, but she doesn't play as much as she used to. She's been recovering from a second treatment to eliminate a mass (not malignant) from her side.

They both also like things that move and make noise, even if they're not cat toys.

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Riley's favorite toys are the small mice - she can bat them around the house for hours! She loses them all the time too though! We bought her a pack of 12 this Christmas and I can only currently find one.

Keeba loves anything with string and also loves the small squishy balls. She picks them up and dunks them in her water.

They both love the feather wands and laser lights a lot too!
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Cable - if it skitters, she's happy - ice, plastic rings, etc. Chip - loves him some catnip! Java prefers toys w/real fur, like the fur puffs... last year my SS sent a fur mouse that she loved, but i can't find it anymore [it's probably under the bed, fridge, etc.] Pixel likes soft, small toys she can carry around - i make her facial tissue 'footballs' & she loves them! Firefox is very fond of sparkle balls - i can always get her attention w/one of those!
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Any kind of furry mouse
Furry Mice with Feathers on the tail
Da Bird with Feathers
Da Bird with Rabbits Foot refill
Bergen Turbo Scratcher
Feather Wand
A piece of string
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princess with roll any type of small ball she can find all over the place, last nite she woke me up rolling a golf ball that she found at 5am, her new nickname is soccer kitty

sabastian loves bags

nipper loves to annoy the other cats!
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Harley's favorite toy (at the moment) is this wand toy that I got her at PetSmart. She actually cries pitifully for me to get it down from where I keep it when she wants to play with it. She will chase, pounce and attack it until she is out of breath. And then she comes back for more.

She also loves fuzzy mice - big or small, and she went absolutely nuts for the TurboScratcher I got her for Xmas. She doesn't want to use it as a scratcher, but she loves smacking the ball around in the track.
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Da Bird, those little plastic spiral curls...and each other.

Baby Bonnie says, "anyfing dat's FUN." (This includes tiny bits of paper...kibble hockey...and my dirty socks. )

Yesterday, Max was having fun playing with a coupon I clipped from the paper.

Furkids are weird.
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Mine loveeeeee those tiny fury mice.....but so do the dogs and they tend to tear them up...and the like the balls that look like a golf ball but are foam...the like candy wrappers and paper....and of course anything with a bell....the new kitten will play with anything....
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mine loves the mice she has.

Only problem is, i can put them anywhere in the house and they will always end up under the ecxact same chair! She try's for 5 mins to get them back and then play's with the rest of the house!!
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The Squeakster didn't play with any toys but a laser at first. That's still her favorite by far, but she now enjoys a good paper bag, crinkly balls and the cat dancer. She even has been batting a play n squeak mouse.

I went a little overboard (ok, a lot overboard) in the toy buying department, and now I have a whole box full of toys she could care less about It's the simple things that get her - like a little sample bag of tea that she batted around for hours, until I found out tea could be dangerous for cats. dur!
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My kitten's favorite toy is nowhere to be found, it's a small pom-pom type of thing that the lady at the rescue gave her. Toby would chase it for HOURS! She also loves anything that moves, and shoelaces...

I wish there was a way to keep my dog from chewing on Toby's toys... I just try to hide them when he goes after them or something...
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Lately, Sasha's favorite toy is plastic tear-strip we pulled off a package from Amazon. she bats that thing around the house like crazy.

Last night she discovered a tennis ball (not *quite* sure what it is doing in the house...) funny. Also a small inflatable beach ball, slightly larger than a softball. She was trying like heck to get up on top of it (think elephant in the circus) it was hysterical!

Paper bags, A pasta box with the plastic window taken out, we throw a toy/mouse in there and she is busy for a long time.

Da bird. A cheap octopus toy on an elastic from Job Lot. furry mice. hoodie strings.
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Both Spooky and Mulder love DaBird and Feather tip wand toys.After those:

Spooky’s favorite toy is his collar that he likes to take off and bat around the floor. He also adores milk jug rings but he can only have those when I supervise because even though all he does is bat them and carry them around, Mulder tries to eat them.

Mulder is obsessed with his catnip mouse from Ragtime Pet Collars and the ‘Ball Ring’ which is basically like a Turbo Scratcher without the scratching thing in the middle.

I just bought them a laser pointer yesterday which we will find out about tonight, and ordered them a Kitty Cuddler and a Catnip Crazy so we’ll see how they like those in a few days when they arrive.
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Each other, and anything they're not supposed to play with!
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a red bag!!!!!!!!!
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I have to take back what I said earlier, Toby's fave toy now is a pom-pom and bell attached to a carpeted base by a spring. I supervise her while she plays with it but she LOVES it! I got it at Petco for just about $5. Really good value!
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