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mmmmmmm, turned out great

K, I made 2 stews today. One for me, one for everyone else. My family doesn't like what I like.

Chris's Yummy SlowCooker Chicken stew

Ground chicken or turkey ( I used gr. turkey this time)
froz. oriental veggies ( pole beans, onions, mushrooms, brocolli)
cn cream of chicken soup.
vegetable seasoning

cook meat. Throw everything in slow cooker, cook on low for 8hrs.
(no measurements except don't overdo the spinach unless you really like the strong taste.)

So yummy I think it was the veg seasoning that did the trick. I've made variations of this stew before, but never added the seasoning before.

Had to share

Sidenote: the other stew:

gr beef
onion soup mix
tomato soup

cook beef and onion. In crockpot, put layer of potatoes, layer of carrots, peas, groundbeef and cover with the soup(mixed with soup mix). Cook on low 12hrs or high 6hrs.

I did make hubby try a bite of my stew. Surprisingly he said "it's ok". Which is way better than his normal " " at my green veg stuff.