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What makes you feel old?

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A couple of events recently made me feel so old. Maybe that's not exactly the right word but I feel behind for my age anyway.
First, yesterday was my oldest, little-sister's 18th birthday. I was 14 when she was born.
Secondly, my best friend is pregnant.
And lastly, my cousin (10 years younger) is engaged to be married and is looking at a house to buy with her fiance.

Now, granted, I'm divorced and once owned a house but it all just kinda hit me yesterday and made me think how fast time goes by.

What are things that make you feel your age or older? Or behind on the times??
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Hearing a song I loved when I was in High School on The Oldies Station.
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Looking in the mirror. And not being able to find jeans that fit like they used to!
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Seeing a girl this afternoon in town with very high platform shoes on like i wore in the 70's, then noticing that another woman my age was also looking at them.

We looked at each other and i said "Brings back memories", then she said "Do you feel old like i do?".....yes i replied

I felt like asking her to take them off to see if i could still walk in them
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reading this post and identifying with it makes me feel old!
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Watching everyone have babies. (I'm 31 and my babies are 8 and 12 and there will be no more babies for me)

My physical disabilities and health issues.... arthritis, a back injury, severe tendinitis in both thumbs/elbows (hopefully my dr's can agree to do a surgery on my tendons).

The fact that my oldest daughter is in Gr. 7 has a bf (her first) and is physically becoming a woman. She will be a teen in July.

Grey hairs coming in. (I dye my hair, but not regularly)

My younger siblings are 22, 20, 20, 19 and 15. Seems like just yesterday I was changing their diapers

Yup, I feel old.
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Knowing that I don't have near the energy I used to have. I went to the gym today for the first time in years and was only able to walk a little over a mile in 30 minutes. A big wake up call was 4 years ago when I suffered a mild stroke. This was 5 days after my 48th birthday. The aches and pains that I have on a daily basis.
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Contemplating getting those toilet seat risers because of my back. That one's actually embarrassing to admit to.
Barely being able to move some days due to fatigue (health issues) - this literally makes me feel like I am old.

DH's cousin. His aunt and my parents used to be good friends, so I remember when his cousin was born. She turns 18 next month.

Talking to people even a few years younger than me about movies or music - and they say "who" or "what". Honestly, who here hasn't seen Alien or The Fly?!
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Well I started student teaching on Monday, and the teacher I'm working with referanced the Matrix.... in a class of 9th graders... and they had NO CLUE what he was talking about.... yeah.... I'm only 26, I should not have these types of experances yet!
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Co-workers are now my son's age or younger.
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The fact that I am turning 50 in 2009!
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Seeing celebrities on screen and remembering the day they were born!

Being able to remember things that happened 40 years ago!

Looking to the future and realizing that my life is probably more than half lived.
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Winter makes me feel old, stiff and creaky.
Knowing alot of my employees were born after I graduated makes me feel old.
Knowing that my husband knows more about computers makes me feel old.
Knowing that my body is rapidly falling apart makes me feel old...
Should I go on?
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my youngest cousin's little boy is a year old... i was 18 when my cousin was born. i remember him vividly as a 2 year old [went to visit them in hawaii that year]... this means i could easily be a grandmother
of course, also realizing that i could be the parent of most of the parents of my students does this, as well...
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I think what does it for me is when I am looking at a picture or talking to friends about old times and realize that old times are like 35 years ago. That really makes you sit up and take notice.
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when i started waiting for the news to come on
when i was unable to go out and party all nite and go straight to work and function normal
now i can go out once a month on the weekend to party and feel like poop for like 3 days afterwards
i look foward to spending the weekend on the couch doing absolutey nothing
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I just realized our incoming President is younger than me.
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My Neice that I raised for the first 3 years of her life turned 30 on Friday. My daughter turned 18 today.
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
Contemplating getting those toilet seat risers because of my back. That one's actually embarrassing to admit to.
Barely being able to move some days due to fatigue (health issues) - this literally makes me feel like I am old.

Trying to even get out of bed in the morning is getting to be a real hassle, too. Or in & out of a car.

Seeing some movie stars on TV and noticing how old they're getting to be, and then realizing that they're around the same age as I am.

Being a grandma, when it seems that just yesterday my son was in diapers!
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All my doctors are younger than me.
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[font="Century Gothic"][size="2"]
~ thinking about my "twenties"
~ transitioning into my "thirties" (I'll be 31 next month)
~ not being able to go out & stay out all night but looking forward to sitting on my couch doing nothing
~ when my b/f tells me our house is like a library (I don't like loud noise anymore)

I could go on forever...turning 30 was & is still hard for me, as lame as that may sound to everyone else...1/3 of my life is over, I'm not married & have no children
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When skateboarding videos I watched obsessively as a teen are re-released as classics.

When I have to really talk myself into dropping cliffs on my snowboard that I used to drop repeatedly every time I went to the hill.

gray hair.

lack of hair on my head.

new hair on my shoulders.

foot pain.
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Originally Posted by Snake_Lady View Post
Watching everyone have babies. (I'm 31 and my babies are 8 and 12 and there will be no more babies for me)
Try being in high school and seeing that happen to old friends! I feel twice my age!
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seeing Fresh Prince of Bel Air on Nick at Night.... I still know half the episodes by heart and can sing the theme and its on nick at night...

Also seeing people younger than me getting married. But that also just makes me kind of angry but then very happy. Angry because My BF and I have been together for so long and have yet to even get engaged (we are 22) but happy knowing that we know each other so much better and have been together for so much longer (6 years) than 90% of the people we see getting married.
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Many of the song titles on the guilty thread, and I have no idea what they are talking about (admittedly, I never really listened to mainstream music much, and tend to listen to weird stuff, so maybe I have an excuse???).

When you see those "oldies" music compilations on commericals, and realize that you remember those songs! Thanks a bunch, marketing execs. You just made my day.

DH just made a great point, though: he said he's love to have his body back, but then again, his mind is a lot "bigger" then when he was young, that is, he knows so much more, knows how to solve problems better, etc.

When I feel old, I just think about my older cats--in CAT years, they are a LOT older than me!
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other things...

i catch myself saying "back in the day" when telling stories
oh and at my job i see these kids in training and thing theres no way they are 16! -younger people looking alot younger than they are.
most of my friends are younger than me- im 31
also sad about not being married/or engaged but BF of 4 years says its coming really soon so we shall see...dont even think we want kids tho
-getting annoyed with the silly teeny boppers at the mall
-not as risk taking! when i was younger i would do anything, now im always pre thinking everything i do and what can happen
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