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silent cat meows

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So I've had my cat for about a year and she hardly ever meowed. She might do it if she knew i was preparing her a delicious treat that she couldn't wait for, but that's about it. Recently, she has started to meow at me right before or as she is walking onto my lap to lay down. She'll jump up on the couch, look me in the face and meow and then proceeds to cuddle up on my lap. She sitson my boyfriends lap, too but only meows at me. What is she saying?
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She loves you
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Yes, she definetely loves you very much. I have a cat that does the same thing. He meows only very seldom but when he does, you know he's truly happy. My other cat is a regular motor mouth, meow's constantly, all the time, and talks to anybody that comes over to visit. His meow's just don't seem quite as special because I know he meows to everyone.
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She's come to trust you and loves you! What a special treat for you.

I have a cat who hardly ever meows, so when I get one, I consider myself lucky. It also took her 2 years to purr where I could hear it and now she purrs VERY loudly!!
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My boy Thor used to never meow. He'd open up his mouth and a tiny little "eeeh!" would come out. Now he "squeaks" for everything - especially food and lap

Looks like you've got yourself a lap baby!
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My RB cat, Simon, a sweet orange & white boy, very seldom verbally meowed. I'd frequently look around the corner at him and, from across the room, he'd silent meow at me over and over again. He was my first cat and I miss him terribly!
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Yep,she loves you! I read that cats have a different meow for different things. I think the silent one is to do with affection. Mine don't meow i dont think they ever have come to think of it! Daisy "Squeeks" and is a mummys girl. Tabitha opens her mouth and nothing comes out! They get fed pretty much on time all the time,get fussed,fresh water 3 times a day etc, so they never have a reason to ask us for anything really! I dont think ive ever had the "Feed Me " scream! Sounds to me that she loves you very much!
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