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do your cats do this?

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ok let me give you some examples, ill be giving sabastian his medicine, i have to hold him and pry his mouth open, and one of the other cats will come close by as if to make sure im not hurting him....or when i get princess to wipe her eyes she doesnt like it and she squirms, one of the cats always come to watch..

or say by accident i step on one of their tails and they scream, both other cats will come running to see whats going on....has any else noticed this protective behaviour among their cats?
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Yes, Speck watches with interest as I brush Siamese's hair. And once I heard loud, distressed meowing coming from the bathroom. I thought it was Siamie crying because it sounded just like her. Actually, Siamie was coughing very hard, like she was choking. Speck was crying in alarm. When I went in to check on Siamie, Speck stopped crying. I'm convinced he was trying to let me know she was sick. Almost any time she starts coughing now, he look at her with the most worried expression on his face.
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Definitely. I brought 2 ferals into my house both brothers approximately 3 1/2 monts old. I had to trap them to get them to the Vet and to socialize them because they were going to be indoor cats. I trapped them, had them neutered, one of them, Wheezer had one of those gauze bandages on his paw from the blood test. They told me I could take it off when we got home. He wouldn't let me near him to take it off. The circulation in his paw from the bandage was making his paw swell, I knew I had to get that off. I cornered both of them in my bathroom (where one went they both went) I tried to get patch out of the bathroom he knew I was trying to get to Wheezer and he stayed right in front of him to protect him. It was amazing to watch. Finally, I had to get a hold of Patch and get him out of the bathroom. We finally were able to cut off the gauze but I couldn't believe what Patch was trying to do for his brother. Because Patch was afraid of me too. Animals are amazing.
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i only have one cat but she is always watching when the dogs are being groomed, fed, getting ready for a walk, or getting treats, just anything. she is all in the middle of it
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Yes. If we are trying to do anything to Swanie, give him medicine or whatever, Cindy will come running and meow at us, like she's saying Don't hurt my Swanie!
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i think its adorable how they show concern for each other
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Yes, they're nosey little buggers!
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Yup. Just the other night, I brushed Summer's teeth first, and Chevy jumped on my lap and was smelling the toothbrush....since I had everything near me, I grabbed him and told him it was his turn since he was so eager.
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