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My Cat Is Pregnant?

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My Cat JellyRolls Has been outside lately and she comes in each day. Then yesterday my brother noticed that her nipples were Pink/Rosy-ish. Doesnt that mean she is like 3 or 4 weeks pregnant? Well Before, her nipple were pale white now they are pink.
Heres a Pic of her, she's so cute! lol (I want her to finally have her first litter).

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She is not spayed?why do you WANT her to have her first litter?if you want kittens there are already so many out there that need homes!!
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Well I love cats, And I always find them good homes. and We will keep some =)
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If your girl is under a year old, she could have complications in delivering. Unless she is a purebred cat that is registered, she should be spayed. You can always adopt a kitten. I'm sure if she was not spayed and allowed outside to breed to who knows who, she IS pregnant.

I really would spay her instead of letting her have kittens. There is no reason for not getting her spayed a long time ago. If you decide to let her have the kittens, then PLEASE spay her when the kittens are 8 weeks old and keep her inside and away from any unneutered male.

Also you need to keep the kittens for 10-12 weeks before rehoming them and they too should be neutered/spayed before they leave your home so that more unwanted kittens are not the result of being irresponsible. There are far too many kittens and cats sitting in shelters from people allowing their cats to randomly breed.
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Polkie, thank you for showing us pictures of your girl, I agree, she is very cute. She looks pretty young--how old is she? Pregnancies can be difficult for a young girl, or any girl in general.

The breeders who post on this board have gone to great lengths to insure that their cats are healthy and free of defect or disease. When you signed up for TCS, you agreed that any cat you bred would be part of a conscious breeding program. So the fact that you let your girl out and are happy that she came back pregnant is very alarming to many of us. I am sure a moderator will clarify the rules for you shortly.

Are you prepared to spend what is necessary if your girl has trouble with her first litter--what if she has problems with the delivery and needs an emergency c-section? What if something happens to her during the birth, are you prepared to feed the babies every 3-4 hours to keep them alive? What if a kitten is not breathing when it is born, are you prepared to do what it takes to get the kitten breathing? All of these things are very real possibilities, and most of the breeders on this board have faced them. Breeding cats is not all about cute kittens, it can be messy, exhausting, and most of all--heartbreaking.
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Please read TCS forum rules found here

2. Please make sure to spay and neuter your cat. Unless you are a professional breeder and your cat is part of a professional breeding program, please educate yourself to the importance of spaying and neutering by the time your cat is 4-6 months old. By spaying and neutering you enhance your cat's quality of life and improve his or her health. You are also proving your love for cats because in acting as a responsible pet owner you are minimizing the problem of cat overpopulation.
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She looks young to me.
How old is she?
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My cat is 2 years old
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If your cat is 2 yrs old and never had a litter and has been in heat a lot, you do realize she is at high risk for pyrometria (infection in the uterus).
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My worry would be diseases that your girl could catch from any random male cat out there.
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I think this new member would be better served if this thread were moved to the Pregnant Cats section.

Plenty of knowledgable folks over in that area.
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