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Anyone have a Playstation 2?

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My brother got a Playstation 2 for Christmas last year. He said that he isn't able to play DVD's with his since he doesn't have a special adapter for it. Anyone know what this adapter is? I'd like to get it for him for his birthday (eventhough it was Thursday!).

I was told that he didn't need an adapter, but he said that he's tried using it with out and it doesn't work.
Anyone got any ideas?
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Uhh no, you don't need any adapters, it should play DVD's as is.

What happens when he puts one in? What shows up on the TV screen?
It should load up to the play station option screen to select to play the CD, or if you wait a few seconds it should play it automatically.

We've actually had a couple play station 2's.
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I have a playstation 2 and I have always been able to play DVD's on it - what you can do is buy him the DVD remote for the PS2 and it has a cd in it that downloads something into the PS2 so that it can play dvds - he may have an older model of the PS2 which is why he cant play the dvds, but he should be able to

Here is a link for the remote at walmart.

PS2 Remote

Hope this helps Shell!
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It has nothing to do with a CD, the playstation can't download anything. We bought our first playstation the night they were released, and it always played DVD's.

Are you sure he's putting the DVD in on the right side?

We have a new playstation remote nice for watching dvd's (has no power button thank you very much). But even with out it, it plays dvd's. Pop it in, wait a while, and you should see a menu. Otherwise read the manual, if that still doesn't work, maybe he's play station is broken, our first one broke after a while, didn't want to read any playstation cd's or dvd's. Is this a used play station? At any rate, it can happen that they break, yes.
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Thanks Guys!
I'll ask him when he comes home from work and see what happens. I'm not going to touch it until he comes home...I don't want to be blamed for breaking it or something!
Thanks again and I'll let you know what I find out!
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I know that certain older models have a defect that makes them unable to play DVDs... but ALL models, from the first one off the assembly line, are supposed to play DVDs as is. If there's still a problem, give the manufacturer a call, they seem fairly helpful, my brothers kill their PS1s and we used to call them up every few months.
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our playstation is our dvd player we don't even own a normal dvd player that is one of the reason hubby got a playstation two
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How did it go Shell?

I don't have a PS2 or a DVD Player so I can't help you , I have a PS1 though , Talk about Old Fashioned

Good Luck
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Well, I haven't had a chance to talk to him about it. He got off work, ran to his room and changed his clothes...and out the door! Plus he didn't get home until 1 am and when I got up this morning, he was already at work.
I'll ask him tonight...hopefully!
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Marc just came home and I asked him about it. Now the truth comes out! He said that he rented a DVD and it would skip. So he "assumed" that it wouldn't play any DVD's. Mom just happened to buy him a DVD for his birthday, so I made him try it out. Amazingly enough..IT WORKS! Can't wait to watch his movie that he got! He got Austin Powers GoldMember. I seen it at the theater and just about bust a gut then. It's just so dang funny!
Thanks guys for helping me out!
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I have a PS2 and I always play DVD's on it. I also have the XBOX, which needs a special card to play DVD's.
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I'm glad everything worked out , and Yes I quite agree that movie is sooooooooooo funny , Have Fun watching it
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