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Our new kitten

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We picked up our new kitten last night. He's a seal lynx point Siamese. He'll be 14 wks. old on Sunday. He is just as sweet as pie. My husband slept in our spare bedroom with him on the floor. (we never got around to getting a bed in there) My hubby said the kitty nestled in the crook of his arm for most of the night. He was just tickled because he really hopes the kitty will bond with him. We can't decide on a name-right now it's between Oliver, Stewart or maybe Henry. I haven't put him with my other cats yet, not until I take him to the vet. I wish I could post pictures. One of these days I will make my husband do it for me. The new kitty has gorgeous eyes-blue with almost a hint of lavendar. Just had to share!
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Congrats on your new kitten, Cindy! :

Thanks for sharing.

Kisses and hugs for your new furbaby!


1. Oliver reminds me of Oliver Twist
2. Stewart reminds me of Rod Stewart and Jimmy Stewart
3. Henry reminds me of my uncle Henry
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Oh wow! Sounds wonderful! Need to see pics. I like the name Oliver.
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Yes, please post pictures whenever you can. We need our cute kitten fix now and again!
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Congrats on your new addition of kitties!! I can't wait to see pictures!
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The kitten sounds wonderful!
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oh you must post pictures I have 5 Siamese! 3 are seal points one is a blue point one a blue lynx I just love siamese!!
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Congratulations! Your new kitten sounds adorable! I hope you can get pictures up sometime.
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Gee thanks, everyone! We are just having so much fun with him. He keeps trying to make mad dashes out of the room every time we go in or out. My other cats are frequently clustered around in the hallway-they want to check him out. Sorry guys not yet. Everytime we leave him alone in the room, he just YOWLS. He really craves attention.

Shirley, I like what my possible names remind you of. That's cute.

Sherral, I am a Siamese nut! We will never be without some version of a Siamese-they are just the best!!!!
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Your guy sounds adorable! I'm a siamese nut too (a real sucker for those blue eyes)! Harry is a long-hair siamese mix (looks like a lynx point birman) and my Maggie is a flame point siamese. Both were rescue kitties. Post some photos of your feline family when you have a chance!
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Sounds adorable , Love the names
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Your Kitty sounds wonderful!
I also liked the names, although Oliver is my favorite!
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New kittens are so much fun, and soooooo exciting, cant wait to see pics, congrats.
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We're pretty much leaning toward Oliver. It could be "Oliver the Yowler". I really want to wait to put him with the other kitties for a vet visit and just to make sure he doesn't start sneezing or anything. But everytime we leave him alone in his room, he just goes crazy. Poor guy, he probably misses his brothers and sister from that litter.
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