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German Shepherd Puppy Pics!!

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Here is little Zachariah - the newest canine member of the household - at 8.5 weeks old. He's a Black Sable German Shepherd and a mischievious little scamp even at this age!

Here he is again at 11 weeks old. Dad was paving and he'd been helping him spread the sand around!

And showing off his crown jewels at about 8pm that night! Exhausted little scamp.

Here at last at 4 months old - with his favourite ball.

Just thought I'd show him off - he's now 7 months old but I haven't uploaded any pics of him recently yet!

Edit: Ooops! Didn't see the Pet Pics forum...someone can move this if the'd like.
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He's certainly a cute puppy.
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OMG I'm in love!!! Look at those ears in the second pic!! Did I say I was in love?? German Shepards are my favorite dog breed and he is a beauty!
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OMG I love love LOVE his ears!!!

what a gorgeous lil guy!!!
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Just uploaded some recent pictures!

The LAST time his ears were ever floppy!

Because we're on stage 3 watering restrictions at the moment, we have from 7 - 9pm two nights a week to do our watering. Last night, we used all our watering hours on HIM!

MY ball...will you throw it for me?

Now he's got a big smile on his face, 'cause he's so damn cool
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He is a beuty very very sweet pup
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He's gorgeous and he looks so happy all watered down!
I'm sure your dad appreciated his help with the paving.
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Oh my he's SO adorable! I love his soulful eyes.. such a handsome boy
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Wow he's huge now. He's gorgeous!
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