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True Beauty

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TRUE BEAUTY? I actually didn't mean to watch the first episode but I was bored and looking around the TV and I got hooked!. To me, not the nicest set of people, though they are easy on the eyes. Maybe there will be more tham meets the eye as the series goes on. Anyone watching?
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I'm watching, I don't really like the show, but I'm watching

I personally do not find most of these people attractive at all Especially Chelsea she is so fake! I do like the pageant girl (can't remember her name) and CJ
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Has anyone else seen the show, "True Beauty"? It is the funniest reality show! It's got ten beautiful people who are totally shallow and moronic and it makes for FUNNY TV! Two have already gone home, but it's not too late to get into it!

Am I the only one who loves this show???
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We have been watching it too, it's good
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I can't beleive how vain and shallow they are. Even when they go home they still don't get it .
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If you all want to get into it, the first two episodes are available on

I saw a thread about this the other day, so I looked it up and now I'm hooked! See what you've done!
Those people are so self-absorbed, it's sick. Yet, I can't stop watching.
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I haven't seen this one yet but I did catch The Tool Academy, which is pretty pitifully hysterical as well! Bunch of guys who think they are the bomb, but are simply "tools"!
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I watch all the reality shows, I am definitely addicted & most of em are pretty stupid but I can't stop watching, go figure Tool academy, ya all those boys are straight up "TOOLS", I've only seen 1 episode of true beauty b/c it comes on when 1 a my other shows is on "The City" on MTV...I think the Bachelor is my favorite though
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