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New pics of Isaac (aka Icky)

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Just wanted to share some new pics of my foster boy, Isaac, before he goes to his new home on Sunday. It's been 8 weeks since he was rescued with a badly injured left paw and 6 weeks since his surgery. He has recovered beautifully and regained full use of his paw.

Here's Isaac (also known as Icky):

Wrestling with Pete:

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What a handsome boy.

I that last pic. Too cute. "Hear me roar" it looks like.
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Oh my gosh I didnt know he was out and about around Pete.
How fun is that!

Little Isaac is certainly a special little ham. We will all miss hearing about him and getting his updates. Hopefully, his new Mom will either be here or pass the updates along through you.

Hugs to you Eileen you saved him
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6 weeks already!! how time flies He looks great and I hope his new Meowmy loves him as much as we all do!
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Isaac is looking great.
Sadie asks that I add....
"so is Peter."

Have a wonderful life sweet Icky.
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Aww! He's smiling in the third picture!
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I'm amazed Peter wasn't afraid of him!
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what a cutie ...
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The first pic is priceless. Gorgeous kitties your have there
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His leg looks really good. He sure healed quickly!

for Icky and to you for being such a good foster meowmy.
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Awww Icky

I bet Pete is going to miss his new buddy.
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Awww - Icky looks great, and is going to be so loved in his new home!
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Originally Posted by eilcon View Post
Wrestling with Pete:
OMG! I can't believe how much that shot looks like my two boys fighting! That made me do a double take!
I am so pleased to see that sweet boy up and at 'em like that. He's done so well under your loving care, Eileen.
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That pic of Isaac and Pete is too cute!!!!!!!!!!! That is one kissable little face. I know you're happy - but going to miss him like crazy, I'm sure.

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Thanks, guys. I'm going to miss Icky like crazy. I'm sure Pete will miss him too. Once he got over being scared of Icky, they became good buds.
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What a handsome little devil! So good to see him doing so well. Sending lots of for settling in to his new home. And to you, too.
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Love the third pic
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Its good to see Isaac's paw is fully recovered I hope he'll go to a great home, he looks like such a sweet,handsome boy
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He looks wonderful. He is a very handsome boy
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