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My calico cat acts weird

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I'm not an avid cat-lover, but I do like this cat a lot. I found her in a tree around January last year.

When I put pine-sol on a table, she jumps on it and starts rolling around on the table. She loves it.

When I scratch her head, she loves it, but when I scratch her belly, she goes crazy and starts grabbing and biting my hand.

What's the deal with this crazy cat?
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I have read that Pine Sol is toxic to cats-- I wouldn't use it. Your cat will lick themselves after rolling in it.

It's instinct to most cats to grab you if you grab their belly. I have found most kittens and older cats do it. So your cat isn't "crazy" at all. It's actually more rare to find a cat that doesn't grab you when you touch it's belly.
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Calico cats are my favorite type! I agree with SweetKara that your cat is quite normal.
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Some cats don't like to have their tummy touched. Sounds like your cat is one of those.
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Remember that tummies are the most vulnerable area. Cats show trust by rolling over and showing their tummies, but many aren't all that keen about actually having their tummies touched.

I've read Pinesol isn't good around pets....there are more pet-friendly cleaners out there. The guys at Ace were great at pointing me toward a few, and a lot of manufacturers are going more green with their cleansers. She's a beauty! Good luck!
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Get a copy of "Cats for Dummies" or "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Living with a Cat"; your local bookstore should have one or the other, or try Amazon. Both will answer a lot of basic questions that you may have.
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Or, look for it at the library!!
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