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My 6 year old granddaughter was walking up the deck steps and a wasp flew into her mouth and stung her on the tounge!Poor baby is in a lot of pain! But no swelling of her tounge.The wasps are bad here right now.And it is only May!Anybody else having a problem with them?
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Yes, we've had them in the house a couple of times already. The cats have been chasing them and knocking them out of the air, we've been trying to trap them while they're down and release them outside again. Last year, Blondie found out the hard way that eating wasps is not a good idea, one stung him on the face and he had a lopsided expression for a few hours until the swelling went down. We were lucky he was not allergic, I understand that wasp and bee stings can be very dangerous for cats!

Sending your poor little granddaughter a hug for her owie!
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They have been a problem at work when we go outside for our breaks.
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Awww poor little thing! I hope she's feeling better soon.
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Awwwwwww Poor Sweetie

We have a HUGE problem with Wasps @ the moment over here , There are sooo many nests , Thank god they leave the cats alone. There has only been one incidence(sp?) invloving a Persian Kitty & a Waspie Wasp , Our old Tortie Girl names Taitirohanga Centre of Attraction or Centre of attraction for short ( LOL ) ATE a wasp once and it stung her throat, after a rush trip to the 24hour vet and some Antibiotics(?) she was OK . Just thought I'd share
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