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Baby Daisy!

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This is how Daisy sleeps when we have "Mummy Moments" She will have a wash then sleep like this,sadly,after about an hour, i have to move her cause my arms fall asleep too!
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Nora used to sleep like that! She doesn't anymore, though.
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Oh,im sorry did she grow out of it? Daisy is 18 month old,her sister tabitha is not a "pick me up and fuss me" cat,they are like chalk and cheese!
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Jupey sleeps in our arms like that if we're on the computers, it's a good job we can swap him from person to person as he's fully grown now and hasn't grown out of it.

Daisy looks like a real sweetheart, I think it's nice when cats have such different personalities. My three are all very different to each other.
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Thanks.She's a real mummies girl! When we went to collect them form the Cats Protection League, Daisy was the first cat to come over to us,my husband said "That one's mine!" Then tabitha padded over to see what was going on.When we were told that they were sisters we just had to take them. Unfortunately,Daisy took a shine to me and Tabitha to my husband instead! He wasn't very happy! He does get jelous when Daisy and i have a "Mummy Moment"! But they are loved and worshipped equally!
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Watch out, I adopted Jupey from CP and now I foster for them and adopted one of my fosters this year... cats are addictive!

It's great that you took two kitties, I wish more people like you would come forward to adopt! At least we'd know they were getting a great home!
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How gorgeous! She must love so very much.
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I wish that too. I could't do what you do! I would keep them all, then i really would be a "Cat Lady"! The CP do some good work,when we first had them,we lived in a big house with a huge garden,unfortunately we now live in a flat,but not for too long.I thought Tabitha and Daisy would not take to this very well but they are fine.The get plenty of exercise running round the place! If we didn't live so close to a busy road,i would let them out but i will not take the risk. I would really like another,a younger kitten my girls were 6 month when we had them i think it would be good for Tabitha and Daisy
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I think she has grown out of it, but she is only 8 months old now. She actually slept like that tonight, but we were gone all day and she was feeling neglected. She didn't last long that way though. I had to reach for my drink, and she woke up and jumped onto the back of the sofa. I wish she would sleep like that forever b/c I love it when she does.
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I dont like it when they end up moving,it makes you feel like your not worthy! Maybe she hasn't grown out of it compleatly. For the first time EVER Tabitha curled up on my lap last night!!!! Shes never done that before.She's a loving cat but not a "pick me up and fuss me" cat She will lie next to you,with her font paws on your leg or even her head an sort of sleep on your hand but never this!
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Fable's never been a lap cat until these past few months, it's taken him 4 years to want to curl up on my knee but he does now!! I feel like I've really made it in life ! The problem is that he's a BIG cat and weighs a ton, so it gets uncomfortable quickly when he decides to honour me with his presence. It just shows that cats can change, people always said that he'd never be a lap cat but I'd like to see what they'd say if he sat on their knee for any length of time!!
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Theres hope for Tabitha yet! Once Daisy get on you theres no moving her, she sleps with me every night,but i gets a little annoying as all i get when im trying to sleep is her whiskers tickeling my face,her wet nose all over my face,shes always wants kisses, and her purring in my ear! I end up pushing myself over so she has plenty of room but no,she has to be as close as phyically possible! I dont think there is any fear of Tabitha doing THAT! Every moring i wake up to her tapping her paw on my face and if i dont get up i then get a wet nose on mine!I bet they wouldn't wouldn't be able to walk about 5 mins if Fable sat on their lap!!
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Isn't she gorgeous!
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Who is?? !!
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