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Raw Feeders: How much $?

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Since joining this forum, as well as a similar dog forum, I've been curious about feeding a raw diet to all my animals (once we get a dog, that is!). My concern, however, is mainly the cost. My DH is a minister, and we are on a pretty tight budget. We spend as little as possible on our own food, let alone food for the kitties...so if feeding raw would cost more, then hubby wouldn't go for it, I know.

For those of you in the US who feed raw diets, roughly how much does it cost you monthly, including supplements, per cat? And do you buy meat from your local grocery stores, or do you buy in bulk from a local butcher or similar supplier?

Thanks in advance for your input!
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Realize all but two of my animals have "issues" ranging from PH to cushings and allergies...

One pet store 5 lbs of "complete" no supplements needed is 15 $ .... figure 4-5 oz per 10 lbs of animal ...

two ten lb cats 8 oz a day so 5 lbs = 10 days so roughly 45$ a month for those two

my supplements run about 40 a month but it is for the issues

NON complete ( ie needs some veggie matter and organs ) is 11$ for five lbs ... 3oz of this with another oz of mostly organs a day .... comes out about the same

Different commercial raw

3 medallions per 10 lbs ... 36 medallions 36$ for a 12 day supply ... 108 $ for one 10 lb animal or 216$ for two

local butcher makes a complete raw for a cat no veggies for 3.67 for 2 lbs which for the 2 cat family would last 4 days .. roughly 30$ for a month

different butcher no bone just meat and organ is 3.25 a lb which would be a two day supply ( he owns his cows and delivers for this price ) roughly 52 $ a month
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Using almost all of the ingredients, except the glandular supplement, on catnutrition.org it use to cost me about $0.44 a day to feed one cat. That was with buying whole chickens at $0.99/lb. Every once in a while I was able to get leg quarters for about $0.65/lb.

On average one 13oz can of innova will provide two daily meals (with one meal split into two feedings a day) at $0.65 a meal. 5.5oz cans will be about a $1 a day for one cat. A 16lb bag of innova dry at 1/2 cup of food will be about $0.30 a day. All prices are approximate.
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For me it's about $1.51/day per cat.

There's a wide variance in cost because it depends on how you do it. I use mostly "ready to feed" organic ground with little or no fruits, veggies and grain and that is generally the most expensive option. The cheapest is to buy your own meats and add any needed supplements.

I feed a combination of:

Nature's Variety Beef $4.50 / lb
Felines Pride turkey, chicken, cornish game hen $7.05 / lb
ground, organic turkey + supplements $6.00 / lb

My guys each eat 4 oz per day.
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I use human grade meats from a butcher in bulk, that I cut into chunks. I don't suppliment apart from fish oil.
Runs around $5-$7/day for 3 cats, canned would be $10-12, but cost has nothing to do with my decision to feed raw.
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Yeah, I know people don't generally switch to a raw diet because of cost, but there is no way I would be able to consider it if it costs very much more than what we're spending currently (which is, like I said, as little as possible.)
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