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Mr Mike

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Mikey stealing the chihuahua's bed...he stuff himself in it every night now....He is super friendly and loves everyone....even the chihuahua's

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Mikey sure looks comfy! love the yawn! You can nearly see what he had for breakfast!! When my Daisy yawns, it looks as if she is going to throw up!!
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love the smile on his face in the first picture. He looks very pleased with himself!
I'm thinking the second pic is his way of warning off the chihuahua.
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Wow! Check out that second pic. You can see all the way to his tail. Cute kitty!
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Mike is very handsome!!! he looks so snuggly in that bed
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Holy cow! In that second picture he looks like he could swallow the whole chihuahua!
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LOL....I love the second pic...he is such a good cat...he will even try to climb in the dogs bed when the dog is in there sleeping.....there is hardly enough room for one in there...its funny when he does that.
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Wow are those his tonsils? I think I see daylight at the other end!!!
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