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Alpha male question

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Hello! First post here so greetings.

I am seeking advice about my cat, Hermes. He's about 5 years old now. And I've recently moved in with a friend who has two established female cats. Who are about 7 I believe.
My cat seems to take enjoyment in making their lives a misery. He constantly chases the smaller of the two, Cream. And much to the dismay of my housemate we often find her cowering somewhere. Hermes is quite boisterous. He's quite crazy as well I think as he's always darting around the house and mewing! He's been a bit mental ever since he was a kitten.
I'm curious to know if anything can be done about the situation? No amount of telling off and putting outside seems to help, and its frustrating for the cats and us when they can't get along. Or at least just ignore each other. All the cats have been spayed and neutered. We have a good sized 4 bed house with a nice big garden, and a cat flap. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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It will just take time. Males have a tendency to be more active and pick on females at times. Just be sure they all have their nails clipped so they don't hurt each other.

You have more problems when you have cats that BOTH want to be the boss. That's Charlie and Ling in my house. Both want to be top cat and Charlie picks on his sister all the time.
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It's been about 5 months now. I would have thought that they would have settled into each other by now. Unfortunately we didn't introduce them slowly so I fear they may never become friends!
Hermes claws the carpets quite a lot so it seems like he is constantly marking. He does spray the shoe and coat stand area quite a bit too. I have some Feliway spray that is supposed to calm them down a bit but it doesn't seem to do anything! He also had a habit of in the bath for a while! That stopped after about a month though. The other two are so placid compared to him. Although he has a deep bond with me as he's lovely and relaxed in my room.
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Probably worth mentioning that he isn't attacking them as such. Just chasing and making them really scared all the time. For instance if he is in the kitchen near the food, the other two won't go near it and will try and creep past him to get outside. They are on edge constantly.
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If he is that active, how much do you play with him? Get Da Bird or some other highly interactive toy and redirect some of that aggresive energy to something more appropriate than his housemates. Also get an enzyme cleaner and really really clean the area where he is peeing and pooping inappropriately. Even if you clean there, he can still smell it and will continue to mark.

Also - you and your housemate may want to get a tall cat tree so the girls can escape in the house vertically is necessary.
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