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Ummmm good

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It seems like there has been a post on this before but how many of you have cats that prefer to drink from a faucet? It is Sparky's favorite way.

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Not many ive seen!
My two wont drink from a bowl,it has to be a mug!!
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Google comes running from the other end of the house if he hears the faucet turn on. But he just loves water...
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My Callie loves to drink from the faucet. If I'm in the bathroom she demands that it be turned on.
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I have 2 that love to drink and play n the faucet....Nemo & Trouble (although not together!they are sworn enemies)lol
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We have a detachable handheld sprayer in the shower, and Bamf enjoys that. He hasn't played with the sinks very much, so I'm not sure of his opinion there, but I think he would like them, too.

Pixel likes to lick the bottom of the bathtub after someone is done showering... and windows with condensation on them... and the sides of bowls (but not the middles of them) that have water in them.
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Cute pics Pepino loves water, he stares into the sink when I do dishes, and when I turn the shower on he must run in there really quick and check it out He also loves to drink out of my glass, and play with ice that I throw across the floor, if I can't find Pepino all I have to do is use the ice maker and he comes running
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