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Missed out on bath!

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Hi, i just have to tell someone! Last night, my husband was working late so all day i was looking forward to a nice long soak in the bath, (with two cats and a husband,its like having three kids in the house, so long soaks dont happen very often for me). I spent all day trying to decide on which bubble bath product to use as i recived some posh looking ones for christmas I decided on what i would use and after doing myself some dinner and feeding Tabitha & Daisy, i prepared my bath. I got myself a nice new fluffy towel and put it on the raidiator to warm through and a small glass of wine to relax with. I lay there rather content. And, as usual, i was joined by Tabitha and Daisy who curled up together under the radiator. Ahhh peace and quite.... However Tabitha decided to start a fight with her sister. They darted out of the bathroom, and chased each other up and down the hall way. Tabitha then came flying into the bathroom and instead of jumping onto the wide end of the bath (which she does do,she likes to watch the bubbles),she ended up in the bath with me!! I struggled to push her back side out of my bath as she had hit the strawberry smeling water and automatically turned herself around. She scampered off into the lounge and i quickly got out of the bath,grabbed the new fuffy towel and chased after her to dry her off. By the time i had done this and returned to my lovely bath it was stone cold!!! I pulled the plug and gave up!! At least SHE was clean and smelled good!!
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Hehe, bet she moved faster than you ever thought possible My Lani jumped into a tub of soapy water I was soaking something in. All I saw was a whitish blur going straight in the air then down the hall
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I never thought she could move that fast! She looks fat,but she is solid muscle.I just saw a tabby coloured thing flash past me,before my eyes! She has always sat and watched the bubbles in the bath.I guess this time she didn't expect to join them!! Im still having a giggle about it now,she's been giving me funny looks all day,ive told her "don't look at me, i didn't do it!"
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How nice of you to warm that towel just for her!

I gave up on long soaks a long time ago. It never fails that something will go crash or the dogs will start barking or well, I'll hear something that means having to get up and go check it out. Quick showers for me.
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Yeah!, I just hope she doesn't think she's getting the same five star treatment tonight! This is the pic of the clean'st cat in my area!
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She's pretty. Does she smell like strawberries?
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Yep!! She keeps screwing up her face when she is having a wash! ,as if she needs another!Ive just gone into the bathroom and she has pulled the "New" fluffy towel off the radiator and is now asleep on it! The cheek!!
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Well, the towel smells like strawberries and she smells like strawberries so obviously this is her towel!
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Ha ha ha! Thats SO funny,strawberry hahaha ! Thank you!!! for strawberry,ive just told Tabitha, she didn't look impresed!!
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Yes,it does look like she now has a new towel! And there was me thinking
I had a new towel! She wont let her sister near it! or me for that matter! I woke up this morning to her plaing in the bath ( not really unusual ) And what was she playing with? The strawberry bubble bath bottle! GREAT,now as well as everything else, i have a cat obsessed with strawberrys!!
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Well thats it,got a new problem now! Tabitha is taking the strawberry bubble bath out of the bahroom,carrying it in her mouth and putting it in her bed!!!?? I can see myself having to get her some help or having a serious talk with her !!!!
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