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Cat has new home.. Husband losing his.

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Well I have finally brought Skittie inside. Skittie is about a year and a half female feral. I have gotten to the point were she will let me pet her, but still is skittish. The weather is dropping down to 7 today and with windchill it should get to about -5. My wife made the mistake of saying she felt bad for skittie.

That was all I needed. I placed a dog crate outside and starting putting her food inside. Today she let me pet her and then walked into the crate to eat. I shut the door and brought her downstairs in the basement. I closed off a small area, where she can't get into much. I want her to get use to using the litter. If i gave her the whole area she might just go anywhere.

Well she cried and when i let her out, she sneaked off to a small area in the corner. I gave her plenty of food and water, and then gave her a nice pet on the head.

A quick note Everyone is getting along fine. Mommie has made a great transition to being an inside cat. She has even started to get along with my wife. ( she would run everytime my wife can near.)

So now we have Four cats and two dogs upstairs, One cat downstairs. My wife wants me to find a new home now. hehe
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How great is that!

It sounds like you have a new lodger, because i bet she won't leave you both now that she's being cared for

Your wife will love her in the end
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I hope your wife finds it in her heart to let the cat stay. She has GOT to know that she has herself a very special man. You did more than most guys and brought the kitty inside and keep her fed and warm. I bet it won't be long until you see the kitty's true colors and she will always want to be with you and your family.
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Aw! Good for you and good for the kitty.
I am so happy that she has a home!
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haha awesome!!
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What a happy ending! I am sure in time your wife will come to love this kitty as you do. God Bless you for caring for her when so many others just turn their back. My advice would be to take it very slow and let living inside become a habit for her. Maybe one day she and your other cats will get along. Again, a very slow process, but well worth it. I have a rescued feral that I have had for over 2 years and within the last month or so, she is acting like she lived here since day one. Good luck to you!!
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