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Okay, number one--there are societies that kill and eat and use products made of cats. I don't agree with that, but I'm not going to look down my nose at them. I'm also not going to buy anything with cat in it (unless it's a real live kitty cat to take home and love).

Number two--vegetarians are no better than those who eat animal products. They've done tests on plants that show they are aware of those who destroy or harm them. I think what you eat should be decided by your own personal lifestyle and the society around you. My sister is vegan because she was getting sick eating red meat. I am mostly vegan because I hate preparing and cooking meat, but I still like red meat (sorry folks--and yes, I like it rare and dripping--or as a friend used to say, still mooing). My husband is a full blown meat and potatoes man. His body actually does not digest certain vegetables and legumes very well. I've dated both Muslim and Jew who do not eat pork for religious reasons and it never bothered me and I never tried to make them eat pork.

Number three--I don't think anyone here is for sport hunting or fishing (or as someone called it, trophy hunting). I would prefer it that if an animal were killed for human consumption (food or otherwise) that we use every single part of it and not let any of it go to waste. Perhaps if we were more like some of the Native American tribes who gave thanks to the animals they were killing and did use everything we'd be a little wiser about what humans do to animals.

Number four--yes, man is an animal and we've been very animal for much longer than we've been civilized.

Anyhow, I buy leather goods because they last longer and they're safer for humans (I had a friend lose her hand because of plastic reins) and I eat meat because I like it (I also had a vegetarian professor who set out to prove man could live on vegetables, legumes, fruits, etc. alone and he actually did the opposite--there is one particular amino acid you cannot get anywhere but red meat and humans cannot manufacture that acid, it only negatively affects a few people, but when it does it's life-threatening--I guess that's kind of like taurine for cats). I don't think the rest of the world should do what I do just because I think it's right, but I certainly don't like anyone else trying tell me that what they think is right is the absolute right. I feel the same way about religion.

So--let's get back to the conversation at hand--boycott Addidas if you don't think they should be using kangaroo pelts and they are--if not, forget about it!
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Hmmm...well let's see what I can add....

Kangaroos are a nuisance in some areas of Australia, not all over.

Kangaroos are harvested, hunted, and culled each year under strict guidelines. Someone has provided a link earlier, I just can't remember who.

As for what I eat, well, I'm a part time vegetarian even I can't explain exactly what that means but the point is, overall I eat everything...well almost, and respect those with different eating practices.

I have eaten kangaroo and like it more than beef. There is also emu meat and crocodile available for me to try though I haven't had the opportunity to yet. Hope no one's too disgusted at this point. I just want to say that everyone is different and that's the beauty of life, variety.

Oh and back to the thread...kangaroo shoes...I don't have a problem with Adidas for that. I only have a problem with the sweat shops that they run.
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