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Adidas killing kangaroos to make sneakers!

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From Reuters news:

An animal rights group sued Germany's Adidas-Salomon AG in a San Francisco Superior Court on Wednesday, alleging the company is selling cleats that include kangaroo products barred in California.
The suit also named several California stores that sell the Adidas cleats and running shoes that they say use kangaroo leather. The case seeks to halt imports of those products.

'Adidas is getting away with murder in Australia and California,' said Lauren Ornelas, an official at Viva!, the Davis, California-based animal rights group that sued. 'They are showing the same disregard for California law that the hunters show the baby kangaroos whom they bludgeoned to death.'

A spokeswoman at Adidas America Inc. in Portland, Oregon, declined to say whether any of their footware products contain kangaroo skin and she declined to comment on the lawsuit.



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That doesn't surprise me in the least - I have even seen kangaroo meat being sold here. Since kangaroos aren't an endangered species, they can be used in production. There's just one thing to do - boycott Addidas. Unfortunately you also have to boycott the other big sneakers manufacturers, too, because of child labor and underpaid females working under miserable conditions in Asia.
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Hmmm... well this makes 2 to think about then. Nike has been out for quiet a while, and I guess I'm lucky cause I just don't care for their sneakers. And I never buy Adidas products either.

I'd be interested to know if this is true or not.

Is it illegal to use and sell kangaroo's to forigen markets for this purpose? Is Adidas based out of Australia or something, I mean, don't they all kill enough cows every year?
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Angel, it's true. The third link I posted was to a site selling Adidas kangaroo sneakers, marked as such.

I buy Reeboks, haven't heard anything bad about them.
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I normally buy Sketchers or New Balance, anyone know anything about those brands?

Thanks for the links, I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention to this post as I was getting ready to run out the door.
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No problem!

Don't know anything off the top of my head about those 2. I happen to like Skechers too.
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I buy my sneakers at Payless and WalMart. Some years ago, a store had a great sale on kangaroo Western boots. If they had had my size, I would have bought them. Good price, good looking boots and they aren't endangered.

Kangaroo meat is also used in pet food.

Maybe some of our Aussie members can enlighten us, on the status of kangaroos.
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I understand that Kangaroo's are quiet a bit of a nusance around there. And most of the locals don't think much of them. I've had many online australian friends for years now. I believe in most places there is an overpopulation issue, but I think there might be one or two types who's numbers are down, cause there is more then just one type of kangaroo.

But then again... I try not to knowingly buy anything with cow leather on it. So thusly I wouldn't want Kangaroo either.
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Originally posted by Tybalt
I would never eat Kangaroo meat or use Kangaroo leather products. I never knew about either til now. IMHO it's just revolting and barbaric. For the record, I don't eat cows or pigs either, just chicken or fish.
What exactly is the difference between cows and pigs, and chickens and fish? All living things that humans use for food.

There is nothing barbaric about it( meaning eating cows or pigs) , nor nothing barbaric about kangaroos. Its a source of food, and although maybe they are a 'cute' animal, it is no different than eating beef or wearing leather. Just because its not a popular thing to see here in the US, in other countries it perfectly normal.
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This site has a wealth of information, including a rebuttal to Viva's claims. The Australian government has strict guidelines on kangaroo harvesting.
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dtolle: That's the same thing I always think when I run into veggies. I wonder "what is the chicken and fish not cute enough for you?"

Same with people who revolt against countries that eat dogs, but here most of us eat cows!

Personally I try not to eat much meet, doesn't matter of what. I used to be vegan but not anymore, I was young and stupid, adn became unhealthy for MANY reasons, and trouble finding things to eat, so the doctors told me to cut it out, and eat anything at any time I could get my hands on it INCLUDING essintial meat, eggs, cheese, etc.
Frankly, most the time when I eat meat, specially beef products I get rather ill in some ways.

While I don't think, by human nature, and just the way this planet works, eating a cow is not barbaric. But I think the way a lot of them are raised and killed is.
I mean if your just going to die, like every other creature in this world, you can at LEAST live a happy decent life until then.
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Last i heard here in Oz, was a big debate about the proposed culling of our Roo's. It did go ahead, and thousands and thousands were culled. They were apparently in plague proportions and starving to death. Roo meat is available here as pet meat, and even as a dish in some restaurants. As for Adidas using Roo's for runners, im not sure what to think, is it better that they be used for something rather than pet food or burnt in piles?. Dont get me wrong, i hate the killing of any animal, but like most i cant stand to see one starving to death either, and with the drought here now, things are worse than ever, all cattle and wildlife are suffering.

I am not proud to say that my country kills it own national animal.

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Too often, it seems that emotions overwhelm hard realities and practicalities. Yes, kangaroos are "cute" animals and some people might say the same thing about cows and pigs.

The reality is that human beings are carnivores (actually omnivores) and need the proteins and amino acids, provided by eating meat. It appears that the kangaroo population is thriving and, if not properly managed, will eat itself out of house and home (literally). A quick death, rather than a slow, painful starvation, seems preferable.

It would be a shame to see this RENEWABLE resource wasted. Animals were put on Earth, for man to use (not abuse). Food, clothing, companionship and assistance for the disabled are worthy uses.
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If one subscribes to Judeo-Christian thought, the Bible states that God gave Man dominion over the animals.

Evolutionary theory puts Man at the top of the food chain. What humans lack in musculature, teeth and claws is compensated for in the ability to reason.

Either way, humans rule the planet. The day that cow can write a book, find a cure for a disease or create a piece of art, I will give up my burgers and steaks.
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They have to take care of the Kangaroo over there, much like we have to deal with population issues of deer over here. We don't have hunting just for sport, we have hunting to keep the numbers down as well. Same as bears. But it's a tricky balance, you can under estimate sometimes and wind up killing too many, I remember a while back we actually had a shortage of black bears in Maine due to hunting.
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Angel, y'all can have some of OUR bears. They're always getting into trash and scaring the &#!+ out Girl Scouts. Then, somebody has to go out and trap them and transport them to another mountain range.

Last year, there was one loping through town, drinking out of sprinklers and swimming in backyard pools. Its rare for them to come down out of the mountains but, we DID have that big fire, last summer.

While we're at - how about some coyotes? We've got a God's plenty of them, too.

Seriously, though - there used to be a bounty, on mountain lions and a hunter could make a good buck. Unfortunately, they killed so many that the deer population skyrocketed and they had to issue extra tags, to get them under control. Now, the lions are protected and AZ has one heck of a deer hunting season. Don't care for venison, myself but, the fees for hunting licenses help maintain the state parks. Works for me.
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Just to remind everyone of a couple of the rules...

2. Our membership consists of people from around the globe. Opinions of people from all cultures should be treated with equal respect.

3. Have a sense of humor! Or walk away before posting, if you need to get your temper under control.
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You'd be pretty hard pressed to live a life that didn't involve the killing of- or at least the displacing of, animals in some way or another. Whether that be the leather in your shoes or the wooden table in your dining room that came from a tree an animal once considered part of its habitat. We're given meat tearing teeth for a reason, IMO. I love veggies, but I love meat too.

Even if you eat just fish, you are contributing to the death of mammals ( unless you go out and catch your own) because dolphins and whales are trapped in fishing nets all the time.

I guess its all relative, and a matter of personal choice. I'm not inclined to eat human flesh, since I believe we are not 'just another mammal'.
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kat8l: lol no thanks on the coyotes! They've got plunty up there.

I used to worry all the time about it, back when my parents allowed the cats outdoors. But they would dismiss me saying I was silly "I don't even think we have coyoties in Maine!"

But I knew better... a while back, we started to hear "dog" noises, and I became to afraid to go into the woods, besides the normal 5pm (bear time). I guess something much have happened the drove the coyoties out of the deep woods, or to migrate form somewhere, cause there was at least one whole pack of them.
I can only but imagen it was THEM who killed some of my cats, I would hear hissing and fighting at night along with the coyote noises. A friend of mine had a couple coyotes pull down a deer IN HER DRIVEWAY. They just got too close for comfort they used to circle my house at night, I couldn't sleep because of it, I was too frightened. They also almost killed our neighbors big black lab (as he was chained up outside at night.)

I heard them fighthing quiet a few times, and it sounded awefully bad.

So no... no coyotes for me thank you!

I also know someone who owns a full coyote as a pet, it walks around the house just like your normal dog would. But it can't be trusted very much around strangers. Cute little thing...
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Having grown up in a family that hunted for food (we almost never bought beef, only ate venison), I seem to have a different perspective on the general topic on wildlife management than some here. WE HUMANS destroyed their habitat, thus creating an imbalance in the ecosystem. Therefore, it is necessary for US to control the population numbers. Which would you rather have, slow starvation or mass death from disease or a quick relatively painless death from a hunter (as long as they are good hunters, not like the ones in Bambi)? Nature is very cruel, starvation and disease is natures way of culling the herd. Yes, roos are cute. So are deer and elk and antelope. But the population has to be controlled because of the habitat reduction by humans. I would rather see the carcasses used for something rather than letting them rot or burn. I have no more problem wearing kangaroo leather than cow leather, as long as it is procured in a humane manner.

As for coyotes (another cute animal), the problems with them like Angel described are also man made. Coyotes are very hardy creatures but we have destroyed much of their natural prey because we again took over their habitat to build our houses. They are very opportunistic, they will take whatever is the easiest meal. Unfortunately for us, cats and dogs are a lot easier prey than rabbits and more filling than mice.

I am all for being kind to the environment, and try to do my part wherever I can. I also realize that as rational beings, we have to take responsibility for the problems we created. If you live in any type of man-made building, you are part of the problem.
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Though its true that people are more careful these days about keeping the dolphins/whales safe, many are still killed. Coming from a fishing community, I know this is the sad truth.

Its impossible to live without harming animals, in some way. We should do what we can to make sure they live a comfortable life- but they are part of the food chain, as far as I am concerned. We have meat tearing teeth and the ability to digest it because its a natural thing for our species to do , IMO.

I also grew up eating a lot of wild game. The deer population around here has boomed lately, because not enough were being hunted and killed off. I'd rather see a quick bullet to the head than a deer hit by a car and lying in my backyard fatally wounded and suffering ( that happened 5 times this year in my immediate area) .

And I also agree with Heidi that cuteness shouldn't be a factor- its no less wrong to have kangaroo skin shoes than cow skin.
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If I had to kill the meat I eat I would have to go vegetarian. I could gather eggs and learn to make cheese... I have cleaned fish before... Me.. I couldn't bring an animal home to slaughter it. Just couldn't do it. Fortunatly, the supermarket has it all packaged and non animal looking when I buy it.
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I guess it would bother you to know that in high school advanced biology about 25 or so years ago, we dissected cats......
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There's a big difference between seeing our companion animals as food and clothing and wild or production animals. Then again, in certain cultures they ARE seen as food and clothing. Headline News just had a piece about Europeans using cat and dog fur. What's the difference? Just culture, how they view the animals. We see dogs and cats as companions. Hindu's see cows as sacred. Tybalt, you seem to have a problem with killing or culling any animal except chicken and fish (why are these two the exception?). It's all in the perspective.

The reason why we wouldn't think of having cat-skin gloves has little to do with the cuteness factor, either. It's because we keep them as COMPANIONS, therefore in our perspective we have elevated them above other animals up to almost human status (part of the family).

Personally, though, like Melissa said, I would rather see wild animals culled through responsible hunting or culling programs than starving, or being ridden with disease.
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Ah, but I'm not saying that killing everything is good or OK. I'm saying we have to be responsible for our messes that we as humans have created (at least with wildlife). What's the difference between hunting to cull the herd and hunting for the big buck while you are doing it? As long as it is used and not just taken AS a trophy? My family has taken some BIG trophy bucks (almost record book), but we always ate it, and it was always done humanely (one shot, no driving around like an idiot chasing them). I was taught to respect animals no matter what species, BY two avid hunters.

Some things are not "all good" and I never said it was. Nor did I ever say "if it's ok to kill one thing, then everything is game".
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Either way, humans rule the planet. The day that cow can write a book, find a cure for a disease or create a piece of art, I will give up my burgers and steaks.
Hear hear. And I do need my protein.
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I am confused by one thing...the title said adidis was killing kangaroos, and yet they are only buying pelts that are legally available for sale. Why aren't the protesters go to the people that are killing the roo's and protest there instead? Why isn't the country the pelts are coming from having a problem with this? Hmm...
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My landlord has kangaroo pelts - she got them from the markets in Melbourne - they sell them freely there....so I guess they have trained hunters doing that....I dont know.
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Australia has legally licensed, professional kangaroo hunters.
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i dont know if i am repeating things already mentioned so i appologise if i am.

i was just skimming through some of the commments and what strikes me is why the big fuss? if u eat meat and wear leather...why are kangaroos so special? im a veggie....and unlike veggies that some of u have encountered i dont eat any meat (including shellfish, fish, chicken). To me all animals are the same and i never understand when people say "Oh i could never eat rabbit/kangaroo/ostrich".

The same goes for leather products....if u wear leather shoes, surely it doesnt matter where they come from. i guess it has something to do with the whole cuddly thing. many "veggies" quite happily eat chicken but IMO battery hen farms (i spent a few months when i was younger working on one) are one of the cruelist form of farming.

ok well i rambled a lot and im sorry...maybe i should start a new thread on it?


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