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Great news.....you must be so relieved....I would bet she did mate while outside if she came in in heat...wow what an adventure she must have had....Glad she is home safe and sound.....as far as I know and remember its been awhile since I have had a female go into heat...it can last a few weeks and they meow for just as long at times....we at least one of mine did...
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Not sure about being in heat. If she was *fighting* the tom then she was not ready to mate yet. Often the female *fights* before the mating - she will not accept mating till SHE is ready. So fingers crossed perhaps she was NOT in heat, but the tom wanted to mate her. Generally in cold weather and stress situations the cats don't mate. If she was mated by the tom but wasn't quite ready, then she prob. won't get preggers.

Again, fingers crossed on that!! If she's in heat NOW - good luck. Can be incredibly annoying until they go out of heat. I think it lasts a couple of weeks.

My little kitten cat Frogie went into heat while I was a way last Xmas 2007 - well, long short, she was locked up with my big ole fixed cat Diablo - he "took care" of her - eg tried to mate her, but being fixed of course nothing gonna happen! The pet sitter was quite horrified to see them going at it, LOL...

He was geriatric at that time - 17.5 yrs old!!

So I got Frogie along to the vet ASAP I got back and she was fixed in due course. The vet claimed she was "pre heat" and that they will mate sometimes when not quite ready esp. if they are very very young going into their first heat...

Again, congrats on getting her back, and I am sending vibes for all the
other unhappiness going on re: your little girl and your husband's job.
My brother just lost his, so I know exactly how you must feel. I seem to
know so many people losing their jobs. Hey, might even be me come June...

Hugs and many good vibes n prayers to you....
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Thanks everyone. I think Keller is not "that kind of girl". The lady I got her from said she is 3 yrs old and Keller would never let her male mate with her. She only had one litter of kittens in 3 yrs. It is beyond me why she didn't have her fixed! I left a message at the shelter and we will see what they say. She is still yowling away...and peeing on my chairs
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Oh my God - I am just so happy she is back!!! She is "entitled" to a pee or two out of place poor thing.... Is your baby doing better?
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I don't want to be a 'downer' but cats sometimes fight AFTER they've mated generally because the male keeps going but when the female is done she just wants to be alone. Did you hear any screeching that could indicate a mating? Can you get her spayed right away to ensure that she doesn't get pregnant? and yes females keep calling after they've been mated [even multiple times]
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My baby is doing better but now my oldest son is sick with some kind of throat infection, not sure yet but it is NOT strep. You know how guys are when they are sick
I am hoping to get her in to be spayed in the next week or two. The shelter didn't return my calls but they are not open on Mondays so Tuesday is pretty busy for them. I may drive over tomorrow to make sure they got my message.
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That sounds like a good idea. I'm so glad she's home
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