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Unusual Aggressive Behavior

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I have two cats; a 2 yr old male cat and a 2 1/2 yr old female. The male has known the female cat his entire life and they are often playing together, sleeping together and typically best of friends.

Yesterday morning as I was making breakfast, the male cat was in the kitchen with me. The female cat came in and suddenly I heard the male cat growling which is not typical for him. I looked at him and his fur was fluffed up, he was up on his tip toes and staring down the female. He went after her and they went running down the hallway. I went after them and got them separated. He got around me and took out after her again chasing her to the other end of the house. The look in his eye was a very wild look. They've had little tussles in the past, but nothing more than batting at each other 3-4 times with claws in. This incident however was much more intense.

He cornered her in the laundry room and by the time I got in there, they were rolling around and one of them had gone to the bathroom all over the place. I got him off of her, he had a mouthful of her fur in his mouth and his front feet had tufts of her fur in his claws. I put him in the bathroom and then checked the female cat over. She was shaken up, but there weren't any visible signs of injury.

Shortly after that I went to work and left the male cat in the bathroom with the light off, food, water, a litter box and cat bed. When I got home last night, he came out and was very affectionate towards me. I put a leash and harness on him so that if he tried to go after the female, I would be able to prevent that. When the female came into view, it was as though the morning was starting all over again and he began hissing, growling and spitting at her.

Needless to say, I put him back in the bathroom to simmer down for some time. I went in there shortly after to check on him and he was very affectionate towards me, purring and rubbing up against me. After 2-3 minutes of petting him and him purring loudly, he got a look in his eye, looked up at me and hissed. I backed away and he hissed again, I then stepped out of the bathroom before anything else could happen.

I called the vet and didn't have any idea. He said to monitor the cat through the weekend and keep the two of them apart. On Monday if the cat wasn't back to normal, he then suggested bringing him in for an exam.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be going on? Both of the cats are fixed and are strictly indoor cats, he has never stepped foot outdoors.

His diet hasn't changed, his appetite has never been huge, but it has not decreased. Everything else about him appears normal except for this extreme aggressiveness and extreme affection which turns into hissing.
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Maybe he is not feeling well physically. Cats do hide it when they are not well. Maybe a Feliway Diffuser would help until you bring him to the Vet. Some others may come along with better advice. Good luck. Keep us updated, please.
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