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Reminder about Hartz!!!

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I am still kind of new here, but I was recently reminded about a bad episode I had with a beloved pet after we applied Hartz flea and tick treatment. He started having seizures and we rushed him to the vet where they put him on an IV to flush out the toxins (the Hartz) - he had to stay overnight. The vet told us that this is a very common reaction to Hartz products, and we were horrified.
After some googling, I found the HartzVictims website and realized we were lucky our cat didn't die!
I just wanted to inform/remind everyone that HARTZ PRODUCTS KILL. I'm amazed they are even still allowed to sell their poison.
If this post helps even one little innocent kitty then I will be happy.
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Somehow I'd never heard of this before. I was always skeptical of the low-cost alternatives to Advantage/Advantix etc... Thank you for this post!
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Wow, that's horrible. I'm sooo glad your kitty is ok.

Thx for posting.
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Thanks for this post. I rescued two catslast summer. They were infested with fleas, so I got some Hartz flea & tick spray. I wasn't aware of the danger of this product. It seems laughable now, but Hartz always seemed like a reputable company/products to me. It's been associated with animal products for so long, I didn't even think to look it up to make sure. Anyway, a few days later one of the cats had trouble walking. She looked as if she was trying to walk on ice. I called the vet and they said, "You must get those cats down here immediately! They're being poisoned and are going to die. If you don't get them down here soon enough, we'll have to humanely euthanize them!" Luckily we got them to the vet right away, where they were given fluids and other things to flush the toxins from their systems. One was thought to be blinded and it was likely that she would have life-long nerve damage. Thankfully her site returned and she can walk, run, and jump perfectly fine now. She actually just hoped up on my lap. Unfortunately, many animals aren't as lucky.

I'm actually in the process of making an anti-Hartz video to try to spread the word. The problem is that so many consumers and pet owners have no clue about the danger of this stuff. It's poison in a bottle.
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Oh, and it isn't just Hartz flea & tick spray that should be avioded.
You should never use any over the counter flea and/or tick product from any company, including flea collars. My vet's secretary had a flea collar on her cat and it's jaw became paralized in 15 minutes. He had to be euthanized.
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I just wanted to get this post back in the loop because there are probably some new people here and I just want to inform/remind people about the dangers of Hartz products. If you want to read many horror stories, just google "hartz kills" or something like that. Also there is a website called ""
Happy Holidays!
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Good reminder.

I absolutely cringe when I walk down the aisle at Walmart or the grocery store and see Hartz products. How this toxic poison is still on the market is beyond me. Haven't they had at least one class action lawsuit against them?

I've heard nothing good about this poison, only horrible outcomes; seizures, neurological damage, and often death.

May the makers of their poisonous products rot in he11.
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Hartz is like the Kraft Foods of pet treatments - ubiquitous in the supermarket and fiercely advertised. If kraft macaroni and cheese starting causing seizures in children, you better believe that stuff would be off the shelf and Kraft would be bracing for bankruptcy. It sickens me, the ads that make Hartz look like animal advocates. They know very well they are killing pets.
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