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Daily Thread TGIF Jan 16th!

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Well, its still a deep freeze here. It is -25 right now, but thankfully going down to only a balmy -16 for this afternoon.

We have a CRAZY busy weekend ahead of us..check this out:

Tonight: Going to my moms to drop off my old computer and play some games and eat...etc..

Tomorrow: Picking out tuxes, driving out of town and staying overnight at Josh's dads house:

Sunday: Going to the church we are getting married in, meeting the pastor there, then meeting with the florist, then meeting with the dj...whew!

I still haven't cleaned my apartment properly so I need to fit that in...maybe tomorrow. I think I get to sleep in tomorrow too!

Anyhoo, have a great day and weekend folks!
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Today I am feeling much better (I've been ill for the last week, including my 17th bday )

It's milder today too, 4'C.

Not doing much today, going shopping with mom a bit later.

Tomorrow - riding and hopefully going out for a birthday meal with mom, dad and a friend

sunday - nothing!

Have a good day!
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Good morning

Having trouble moving my arms today after that heavy workout last night (my "Feeling the Burn" thread). My triceps are screaming at me.

Gonna try and make it through the workday without giving up My arm muscles kept me up most of the night, when I'd curl them into certain positions, they weren't happy!

Going to lunch with Rob today, then going to bed early after work (I'm aiming for 8pm!) since we pre-bowled on Wednesday. We need to get up around 3:30-4am to drive to Kentucky to pick up gym equipment tomorrow.
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Good morning! It's a deep freeze here too. I think everything East of Calgary is!

Not much planned today. Have an eye doctor appointment and then get fitted for new glasses...hopefully. I think he might be dilating my pupils and checking the pressure in my eyes, so if he does that, I won't be able to see and I'll have to wait to get fitted for glasses next week.

Then I need to do some cleaning, and of course a nap!
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so glad its friday, maybe because i been flat broke since last friday lol. its 1 degrees here.

tonite me and BF are going on a movie date to see "notorious"
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Mornin Folks,

Yet another cold and frigid morning here.

Thank goodness I took a few books out of the library

A certain furbaby kept me up last night so a nap is definately in order for me.

Have a great Friday folks.
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Good morning cold here also -10 now. We had a weird night last night around 10:30 the whole house started running on low power.The lights all dimmed down and major apliances totally stopped running. I called the electric company and they said it was due to the cold temps. The sent a truck out and at 12:30 they where out in front of my house replacing something on the poles. At that time it was -20 brrrrr I'd hate to of been outside fixing power then!
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Well at least we can enjoy the sun even though it doesn't help with the low temps.
Its -16F (-27C) currently with a windchill of -35F. But when I look outside the wind doesn't seem to be blowing much. Many birds huddled on the feeders-I will re-fill around noonish when the temps reach 0F.

Interesting and very long day yesterday. I took a bus to Chicago for the Mid-Am trade show at McCormick Place. Terrible traffic and many accidents in Chicago as usual!
Picked up tons of catalogs and some freebie products.
But when we were supposed to leave at 3:30-no bus!! Turns out the air intake valve(?) froze and the driver couldn't get anyone to help thaw out or local bus company to help.
So the bus company was sending another bus-thats a 3 1/2 trip to get us!!
The bus company picked up dinner but around 6:30 we got the call that our bus was back in service but we had to wait a good 40 minutes for some people to get on the bus as they were in some bar somewhere in the building-grrrr....should have left them-these were the same guys we had to hold the bus 15 minutes this morning. Never going to recommend those landscapers ever!! The bus was mainly tech school students and about 15 landscapers.
So crossing my fingers that the truck started after sitting outside for 16 hours-whew it did and got home about 11 pm.

So vegging out today-go though some of the stuff I picked up and take a nap too!!

Have a good one!!
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quiet day here....

I don't have to work this morning since it is mid-term exam time and the music staff isn't assigned to proctor the exams YAY!! Which means I get a week and a half off.

But I do have my private students this afternoon. Then I think I will head to the gym. I am taking this time off to plan as much of my wedding as I can before i head back to graduate school next week.
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Morning All!!

Still in the deep freeze here as well but don't think it is quite as bad as yesterday.

Have a few errands to run after lunch and a few things to pick up for the weekend.
I need to stop by the drugstore for eye drops my eyes have been itching all morning, it's from the electric heat.

A few birds at the feeders this morning so that is giving the kitties something to do.

Everyone have a great day
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I woke up to it being freezing cold this morning. Feels like -32 with the windchill. Our car did not want to start this morning so my fiance had to take his dads truck to work and now I have no vehicle to get to work today. I get to pay the $20 it costs to take a taxi into town.

I am off Saturday and Sunday and I am just going to relax and get some cleaning done.
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