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fat pig kitten

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I have a kitten(Smeagol), that just doesn't understand that he is ONLY supposed to eat his I/D kitten food the vets want him to eat. He is only supposed to eat that for health reasons and for diet. He is too fat, and he eats to much, if he doesn't get fed he meows. What am I supposed to do? He is only 5months old btw.

Each time I go to the kitchen he looks at his little food bowls(he shares them with Sox(calico) and Day-Z. He eats more then any of them combined.

Please help me I need suggestions.
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Nothing wrong with being chunky!
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Well, not if your happy no, nothing is wrong with being a little chunky@Christian.

My husband needs to go on a diet...hes a little over chunky! hahaha
He know's I love him tho.
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You might want to invest in a furry feeder or other feeding solutions. They meter out measured doses of foods and there are many available. You want to be careful with overfeeding, because obese cats are susceptible to many nasty diseases as a result of overeating.

If you go to www.meowhoo.com and look up furry feeder, you will find the category you need to get help for your kitten.
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Thanks for your help. I have taken that into consideration but the fact is, that all he does is eat eat eat. We take the food away from him and he starts crying like he is hungry. Why is that?
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And yes, infection...I know all about that, that is why I am trying to figure out how to stop him from WANTING to eat so much...he is on medication to slow him down. He had a really bad tummy virus from being a little pig. I don't want this to happen again.
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Even though cats are at risk for being chunky, eating good food is one of the greatest joys not only for cats, but for every single living creature, why should you deprive your cat from that? Then again, my opinion is just my opinion. Smeagol from lord of the rings ate fish, and he didn't want to eat anything else, becuase he just loved fish, and fish made him happy, and happy he lived his life...
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Of course its a joy to live life the way you want. But life isn't the way you want it to be. There has to be boundries and I want what is best for my darling kitty cat. Christian, I am sorry but if this kitten was your I am sure you would want what is best for him right?
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I want the best for my kitties, I have 3 of them. And I pay hundreds and hudreds of dollars monthly to make sure they have what they need to have to live a happy life, and to make sure they are in good health.
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SO...Wouldn't you rather, make sure they don't get sick and eat properly then let them eat all they want...then have to take them to the emergency room and for the vet to tell you that he has been eating to much?

Christal is right once again!!
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They live the way they want, they don't get sick because of the food they eat, there are also other reasons why cats get sick. And who said anything about them getting sick, I just spoil them a lot by buying them lot's of toys.
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O really? You buy them lots of toys? I am starting to like you more then my husband. He doesn't even play with them anymore. He always yells at them and fusses at them. When I want to get them toys he says no. I'd pick you any day over him!!! hehe
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My wife is always buying unneeded things, she uses my credit card, she doesn't even work, all she does is stay at home and sleep, and then when I come home she tries to make me clean the house, but it really doesn't work, and then she just stays all night and chats with other guys, while I'm there, with my kitties.
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That is just so horrible!!!! Let's leave our spoused and hook up
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Uh, oh! Looks like trouble. Careful there. Chriztal, are your cats fed free choice, or do they have fixed mealtimes? Free choice doesn't always work too well with pets that have experienced hunger, e.g. abandoned or feral furbabies, in the past. Feeding all the cats at one time, but putting Smeatol in a separate room, might work. At his age, it would probably be best to give him three or four small meals a day, at regular intervals, and to measure his food. I have a small scale which goes up to half a pound and has a small plastic dish, which I use to measure JC's food. You could also distract him when he begs by offering a fun game like chase the cat, hide and seek, or simply giving him a ball of crinkled-up silver foil to bat around.
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What about exercising your cute kitty? Your furbaby sounds so so so cute!!

i encourage all my furbabies to exercise by playing interactiv toys with them - this way, they run around alot, very excited and hyper otherwise, they will just sleep around all day.

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He gets plenty of exercise. When I say he's chubby, I don't mean obese or anything. He weighed at 3 pounds, the vet said he was to little and to make him bigger. Then he got to big being 7 pounds and he got a tummy virus. He was then put on diet I/D food and now he is back to 5 pounds. He is a small kitten with a chubby tummy. I need pictures I know. Trust me, You will love him! I hope he turns out to be the most loved kitty on this site Or am I askin for to much? I know he is mym favorite out of my 6 cats!!
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