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New member/cat owner seeking opinions. Snowshoe,,,

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We have just adopted this cat (last October) and we very much love him. My search on the net might indicate he's a Snowshoe Siamese and I was seeking opinons and comments from the experts on this forum. His name is Boules Noires...

Thanks in advance.

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Looks like there is snowshoe in him.
I have a friend in Alabama that is a breeder.
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Unless you have papers indicating that he is a snowshoe, he is a Domestic Shorthair and his color is seal point with white. There is an outdoor cat in my neighborhood who looks just like that! It's a cool combination, but the Snowshoe is a rare breed and not even accepted in the majority of registeries, so it would be very unusual to find one outside of a breeding program.
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He has the coloring of a Snowshoe, but probably is not really a purebred one. I've seen pointed and white cats that are mixed breeds. Snowshoes are a very hard breed to work with and only recognized in a few associations.
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You have a very pretty cat
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I agree with what others have said, seal point (or any other colourpoint) and white can occur in various different breeds as well as domestics, the markings do not mean he is a snowshoe or has any snowshoe in him.

He is a very handsome cat though
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....Our veterenarian alluded that it might be a Snowshoe because I was wondering what kind of cat it was, me knowing nothing about cats ! In the end, to us he's a great and beautiful cat !

I also found a great place to help learn and care for him.

Cheers to all that responded.

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LOL please do not take offence at this but my vet does not know what breeds my cats are, I have 2 registered and pedigreed Oriental Shorthairs and they are on the vets computer as Siamese because my vet does not know that the Oriental Shorthair breed exists, they know about general animal health and are VERY skilled at performing surgery on small animals (which earns them my respect every time) but tbh I think 90% of the time when they say to a client "your cat looks like this breed" they are just making conversation, because in my experience they don't know jack about that particular aspect of things! My vet who is great with cats knows the square root of zero about cat breeds, colour genetics, and markings, and why should he, it is not what he does, he's an expert in many areas of domestic pet health and surgery but not that, he's not superman.

Hope you aren't offended by that, I trust my dentist to do a root canal 100% but I wouldn't consult him about a skin complaint iyswim...

Edit to add: I said it before and I'll say it again, you have a VERY handsome cat, have you ever thought about showing him in household pet/non pedigree class at cat shows? He's very striking.
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I agree with Epona, you have a striking cat. I like the way the white accentuates his muzzle. Very attractive!
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...what counts is that we love our cats for what they bring us. Not what pedigree they carry !

I hear you loud and clear !


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He's stunning
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He is absolutely lovely, I keep going back to look at his picture because he is certainly a fine figure of a cat - he is big and muscular (looks as if he could bring down decent sized prey!) and has lovely markings and a friendly face - he is an absolute beauty and I hope to see more photos of him here at TCS in the near future
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Here's a link to a pic of a titled Snowshoe.

I'd say your cat could definitely pass for one, but as others have mentioned, without papers it's impossible to say for sure. Beautiful cat though!
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He is lovely, but just to back up Epona's point - my vet openly admits that I know more about breeds than she does - took us 8 months to work out we did have a Manx last year, as neither vet would willingly admit - we got a judge who runs a ped rescue involved who confirmed it in minutes, although he wasn't a regular Manx, as he had Burmese in his background rather than Siamese, according to his eye shape, coat type and colour!! We had a cat come in last year who a vet had described as a Bengal cross and he was a solid ginger tabby, I asked my vet, and she said that if a client wants the cat to be described as a certain breed, they will do.
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He can certainly pass by one... WOW, what a gorgeous kitty! Where did you adopt him from? A shelter? Rescue group?
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....I fell in love with him as soon as I saw him. My wife had dragged me there and I had no intention of brringing a pet back...In the end I was the one wanting him.

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Hi Federico. We rescued a "Snowshoe" 2 yrs ago and love her so much. 2 weeks ago we rescued another one. She is about 6 mos old. The older one has short hair like yours and hardly sheds. She LOVES to be brushed. The baby has longer hair and looks like a Snowshoe/squirrel, for now. They both came from "the hood", so who knows what their genes say. Loke yours, mine are absolute eye-candy. They make life so much nicer. Enjoy!!!
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Your boy is very handsome. I know you will enjoy his personality.

I have a "Siamese/Snowshoe" mix, but that's just a guess. He's a foster failure and a real character. Whenever he wants to eat he pushes anything and everything off of the countertops, tables, desks, basically anything high enough to land with a thump. If that doesn't work he starts opening cabinet doors so they will bang shut.

I have tons of pics of him here

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Oh my gosh! This cat looks EXACTLY like my Cai who I lost on September!!!! He's got the same markings and face! How old is your cat? Just curious....
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Jimmy is about 5.5 years old. He was an owner surrender because him and his littermate brother were getting into fights. Poor Jimmy was the recipient of the attacks, he doesn't have a mean bone in his body.
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Originally Posted by fuzzmom View Post
Jimmy is about 5.5 years old. He was an owner surrender because him and his littermate brother were getting into fights. Poor Jimmy was the recipient of the attacks, he doesn't have a mean bone in his body.
Well, my cat should be about nine months old now. I didn't think it was him, but he looks similar. Snowshoes are very beautiful cats!
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My sister had a kitten named Cai who was a Snowshoe and looked just like your cat Boulle Noires. (sorry if thats wrong). His name was Cai and he got lost last September if anyone has seen him. He should be nine months old. My sister picked him out of the litter when he was six weeks ols. His mama was a purebred applehead Siamese and his daddy was a domestic shorthair. I think your cat is a Snowshoe for sure! Here are some picts if anyone has seen him:

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I can't help you with his breed but he is sure one very stunning cat. You can send him my way anyday you want: Sheryl
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