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Odd Tic? Please Help!

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Ok, so heres the story. I have a cat, he's about 10 years old give or take. Lately he's been doing something very odd that he has never done before. When i scratch him on his lower back about where his tail is connected to him...he will start kinda twitching and nibble/drool on anything close or start licking himself like he's cleaning. It's like he can't controll it.

Anyone know what the heck this means? I assume it's just some inherant reaction that has surfaced because he is getting older and reacts differently, but i'm worried it may be somehting else.

Anyone that is familiar with this behavior please respond!
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I am not familiar with that type response. From what I understand, any sudden change in behavior could be related to health.

I would take mine to the vet to rule out any health related issues. That age and change in behavior could be neurological in origin. Vet would be a good start. Hope he gets better soon.
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Pixel & Chip both do this, but my others don't.
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Yeah, well he doesn't seem unhealthy at all, his usual self. He's been kinda chunky for years but not bad. He's been doing this for about a month or so. It's only when I scratch him in that one spot. It's like it suddenly triggers his cleaning twitch response. Other than that one thing he's acting the same as he has for years.
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2 of mine do this and its just a sensitive spot, its equivalent to having their tummies rubbed or a dog that if you scratch them in a certain spot one of their legs moves up and down. I was at the Vets one day and one of the technicians by accident petted him there and he started doing that, it was so funny that she called in the Vet to see it. I always figured it was nothing so when the Vet started laughing it confirmed it for me. Just a sensitive spot.
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I have one that does the same...I think your cat just likes it ALOT...:o)
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I was thinking it was prolly just a sensitive spot, but it's weird that it never was a sensitive spot for him untill about a month or so ago. Before that his butt would just go up if I scratched there, lol.
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