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As if it wasn't enough...

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I have to take one of my babies(kuki) tomorrow for a dental. His teeth are gross he has horrible breath.... I think they might have to pull his teeth out However, I'm kind of worried that he might have horrible teeth because of FelV or Leukemia. I'm pretty sure he was tested when I got him, but I dont really remember. I guess I will know for sure tomorrow when we pull up his records. I mean, his teeth look almost rotten, his gums are definitely inflamed but other than that he is fine. He eats just fine, maybe too much lol. His coat is healthy and shiny. I'm really hoping he's just has nasty teeth and not any other disease or infection. Poor little guy, I picked him up off the street at 6 months with mange Had that taken care of and now I'm just hoping he will be okay.

What worries me the most is that he shares my room with 3 other kitties. Soooo I'm really hoping that it is not anything bad or contagious.

As if it wasn;t enough to worry about..... this morning i realized that one of my other babies, Tuty has some type of film over his eye. It's teary and he looks like he's in a bit of pain. I'm taking him in tomorrow as well.

I'm hoping the dental exam and possible extractions wont be too expensive

I've never take any cat in for a dental. Could you please post your experiences with dental check ups extractions etc (money wise)?

Thanks in advance.

Tuty - before his messed up eye


kuki and tuty sharing space
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I don't have any useful advice, but I hope your kitties are OK!
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I'm sorry to hear that about your kitty. My dog had to have a tooth extracted and his breath is MUCH better!

I'll be thinking of your cat... I'm sure everything will be ok.
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I hope your cats will be ok.
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Well I have no experience with that..Trout has a little gingivitis, but she hasn't had a cleaning/extraction.

Sending many healthy vibes for your kitties!

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My boy Pushy has horrible breath and really bad teeth. We're taking him in next month for extraction and cleaning. It's a fairly big operation as far as I'm concerned, and I'm worried! Actually have to find out the price, but I know it's not cheap. I'm expecting around $400.

Good luck for Kuki!
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Thanks everyone.

I took Tuty this morning along with Kuki. Tuty is okay, my vet gave me the eye ointment I wanted and he will be fine in no time. I’m a bit relieved because I know now for sure Kuki was tested for leukemia and feline aids back in 2006 and received the vaccines at that time. Anyway, he is an inside cat only and the only contact with other cats that he has are with the other 3 that are inside cats only as well. I know it’s horrible but they all live in my room. However, my room is a good size so it’s not too bad. I’m very overprotective with them an do not like letting them out. I’ve pretty much raised them all since they were weeks old, except for kuki who came when he was about 5 months old.

My vet will be running blood tests to try to figure out why a cat that is fairly young (2 ½) has such horrible teeth. Hopefully its nothing too bad. I will be calling around 2pm to see how everything went.
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Just spoke to the vet, Kuki is OKAY!!!! I can go pick him up at 4:00 so i will know further details then!!!

Yay!!!! so relieved and happy! my little kuki monster!!
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Well kuki is back at home. Somewhat still dazed. He hasnt eat yet, which I'm sure is because he may be in some pain. He was put on antibiotics for the rest of his life to be administered the first five days of every month. I decided to take him 2 times a year for a dental check from now on. I bought oral gel to put in their waters and will be doing research so i can make his little life a bit happier with this problem.
Basically he has LPGS Stomatitis...everything came out to 281.70 which was way less than expected. However, my vet always gives us 20% so it wasn't too bad. It really should have been about 350.

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Good news!!
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Clindamycin works great for teeth issues/gum inflammation. Have an FIV cat and over time clindamycin tremendously helped and improved his mouth...
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i am glad he is doing well, and i would research his condition to make sure that lifetime antibiotics are the best treatment, I have known cats with dental issues be given long term steroids/antibiotics until a different vet was consulted, and then more dental work helped tremendously.
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