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Feeling the burn

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So this year I decided I wanted to get more in shape, and all that fun stuff everyone always makes as a resolution and never follows through with

I joined a place called Goddess Dance Studios, which does pole fitness. Yes, pole dancing. It is SO much fun. I also give strippers more credit now, I think they're under paid for all the time they need to spend on that pole It's not all dancing with a gold pole though.

We started out with 50 jumping jacks, then stretches on yoga mats that will cause us to become more flexible as time goes on. Then we upped it to our heels (you could start with whatever you wanted. I had my 6" lucite heels, and am ordering 7" ones to help increase my workout to the legs, thighs, and butt). They showed us different moves, it's about feeling confident with yourself while getting a good workout. You pretty much face mirrors on the wall to sort of watch what you're doing too. I had a "fitness test" tonight, which they do the 1st, 5th and 7th week or so to see how you are making progress. It involved "raising the roof" while laying on the floor, push ups, and "get up, get down" each for 2 minutes. The push ups had me beat! I think I got 17 in. The girl who was conducting my test is a former marine, go figure I felt like I was in boot camp at that moment!

To finish off the workout, we brought out the yoga mats again and stretched our legs out, used our stomach muscles and then back muscles (to get rid of stomach or back pudge if you have it. Or to just make stronger muscles if you dont!) Wow, holding those positions was hard. More push ups. Then we were done. It all lasted about 1 hour, and boy do I feel the burn.

But hey, isnt feeling the burn what its all about? Most people seem to have misconceptions about pole fitness, but it is super fun, the instructors make sure you're working and encourage you. If you have trouble with something they'll help you with it. I think I'm going to keep doing this, most definitely! My practices are Tuesdays, classes on Thursdays.

Oh and Rob certainly looks forward to me gaining a lot from this course too
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ohh I wanted to do that since my gym offers it. But I don't think my hips can handle it.
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My goodness, that sounds like quite a workout! I can't imagine exercising in high heels and doing those gymnast-like moves, I'd probably break something!
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sounds awesome! It's so important to have fun while exercising, that way you will stick with it.
I can't even walk downstairs properly in high heels, so I can't even imagine exercising in them!
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My triceps have been screaming bloody murder since Thursday. I think I out did myself with the fitness assessment on top of all the working out. I'm really hoping they straighten up before my practice on Tuesday night! I've been trying to stretch them out and drank about 4 bottles of water so far. Got some ThermaCare wraps to put on each arm to see if it helps. Been alternating a heat pack on each arm too, and hot showers have helped. I can feel my abs getting worked too, every time I laugh or cough or sneeze, they feel like they tighten a little.

I cannot wait to go back and exercise more though! It seems like it's been so long since Thursday. I like dancing (you can find me prancing around my bedroom to music a lot of the time, and I used to put on my own imaginary shows when I was younger in the house dancing to the radio or music videos on TV ) and it's so fun to dance, AND feel like you look good.

The heels are a challenge for me too when it comes to walking! I have a "rooster walk" trying to balance in them, but when you've got something to hold on to its easier I have 7½ and 8½" heels on their way as of last night to move up to when I feel comfortable. Maybe being able to do all this stuff with them will make it easier for me to walk in them regularly, too
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I feel for you! I just joined a gym and went for my first of two sessions with a trainer on Saturday. She was having me do stretching exercises. I have muscles I never knew I had! My thigh muscles hurt so much. The session lasted about 30 minutes, then I put 30 minutes on the treadmill. I can't run but I was walked a little over a mile. My next session is next Saturday. I wish I could afford to have a personal trainer all the time!
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