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My Ragdoll is in the earlier stages of kidney disease. The vet prescribed her Epakitin 2 times a day. This drug is in a powder form. I normally feed my 6 indoor cats dry (free feed) Nutro Complete Care and 1 can of wet food between them in the evening. Lita needs this drug for the rest of her life. Can I just mix the powder with water and give it to her through a syringe daily instead of putting it in her food?? Lita has been syringe fed alot over the last 6 weeks due to her illness. She is used to it and does not mind too much. She is healthy today pretty much with the proper medications I asked my vet about just mixing the powdered Epakitin with water and giving it to her through a syringe for convenience and he said that it should be OK that way. He seemed slightly hesitant......that is why I am asking members here what your opinions are???? Thanks
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Sorry I do not know anything about that med.
You can join the Crf group on yahoo.
They know alot.
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I give it to my cat in her wet food. If needed, take your kitty to a separate room and close the door while she eats. I split it up and give half a dose twice a day.
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Wet food is much better for cats with kidney problems, is there any chance you can increase her amount of wet?
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Oh! I also give her a bit of raw chicken and pumpkin in her "food cocktail". I add a couple of teaspoons of water to it also, since hydration is a major need for crf kitties.
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Originally Posted by booktigger View Post
Wet food is much better for cats with kidney problems, is there any chance you can increase her amount of wet?
Lita will eat wet and dry. I am hand feeding her through a syringe the wet food with the Epakitin mixed in. I have been doing this for the last 6 weeks. She barely weighs 7 pounds and is 6 1/2 years old and gaining weight. She would not eat a full can on her own if I fed her separately from the other 5 cats. I can get 1/2 can down her throat in about 5 minutes with a syringe as she loves to be hand fed and expects it daily. I give her a 5.5 once can of food + she eats dry (free fed) with the other cats. Lita was within about 24 hours of death back 7 weeks ago and she is doing great today so why should I change She also gets fluids through an IV bag 2 times a week.
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