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Pa Purr litter!! I'm in love!!!

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Okay, so i decided that I was going to try the papurr litter angelzoo loves so much. thinking hey no way this stuff is better then anything else... Well it is!! LOVE the stuff. No oder at all, not even right after they go! I'm going to have to run to petsmart and buy somemore today!!
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I have never heard of it...I may have to ty it..hopefully the kitties will like it too
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I searched for it on the net and it says it only comes in the 10lb box....i have to buy the 30 lb box of what I buy...I have been happy with Tidy Cats Litter, but if there is something better out there then I will have to try...
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Since this is 'care and grooming' related, I'm going to move this on over for you PP
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I just need to get me some more. I'm depserate enough to call every petstore with in a 25 mile radious to see if they carry this darn litter!!! I'm so tired of dusty clay, it's nasty.

Rock&Fluffs: Well while it is a 10pound box, it DOES last much longer then clay litters. Right on the package it says it's equal to like 14, or 16 or 20 pounds of clay or some such.

I never had to just dump out all of the litter and clean up the boxes as often, cause it clumps hard and doesn't stick to the box badly like clay litters.

I've seen it for like $5.99 or $6.99 per box, at petsmart and target.
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I drive about a half an hour to get it at our petsmart. I also like that the litter doesn't have a perfume smell. There really is just no smell at all!
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I think it has a smell, but it might just be the natural paper smell. It's quiet faint at any rate, and I like it.

That's my closet petsmart that I ever go to as well, 1 1/2 hours away!

I've tried to get it the past 3 times I went down that way, but we either didn't have time or the store was closed. *doh!*
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I just picked up a bag of Swheat Scoop and boy do I LOVE it! It neutralizes the smells and clumps firmly. I am using it for the kittens since it's 100% wheat. They could eat it all day and it would'nt hurt them. I LOVE IT! It's $13.99 for a 14 pound bag, and it lasts as long as a 28 pound bag of clumping clay!

I really want to try Papurr for my adult kitties. I am currently using Max Scoop. It has a wonderful smell, and it lasts longer than grocery store brand litter.
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I also just tried the armen hammer with crystals and I really like that two. I have one litter box with papurr and one with the armen hammer with crystals. My cats seem to prefer the armen hammer one (they are using that box more) that kind is dusty though
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Princess Purr: I like the Arm n' Hammer + Crystals too, it smells very purfumy, but after about 5 days or so, the smell in the box started to really add up no matter how much I scooped!
I thought it was a little dusty at first, but every time I scooped I just started to hate it more and more! It got so bad I'd have to tilt my head away and breath through my shirt while I scooped the box.

I hope you have better luck with it, honestly it's probably my 3rd or 4th favorite litter, but that doesn't say much cause I think 90% of litters are HORRIBLE and not worth the money.
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i'm hoping it stays smelling nice. It has a nice smell to it, for some reason my goofy cats prefer the perfumy litter! I'm going to keep the two boxes close to each other and see which one gets used more and which one smells better longer I need to find a good litter and that cats like since we are going to have atleast 5 house cats!
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Ok I have to try this stuff. I hope it works in the litter maid!
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DragonLady: Yes both will. The Arm n' Hammer is small bits of clay, and the papuur is also very small round balls, about the size of a large pin head. Your litter maid should have no problem shifting through it.
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Can I buy this on Amazon.com?? Thanks!!
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Butt papurr is made from recycled paper which is bad. It cost your local government 3 times as much to get rid of plus it adds more pollution into our skys during its processing stages. In short aluminum cans are the only thing worth recycling. And dont worry about those trees everytime you by a product made from lumber you are insuring that anoother two tree will be planted in that ones place.
I was kinda mad when I found this out because I had been scammed into beleiving that stuff made from recycled paper was good, but in fact its bad bad
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