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poor Smeagol!!!

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When I first got my newest addition to the family he was hairless!! He was about 4 weeks old, the mother didn't want him or his brothers or sisters any more. I decided to take him in to help him out. He was the ugliest thing in the world!!! But you all know that something so ugly can be so very cute right? Well, that was him alright! He looked like a hairless rat with huge ears. As he grew older he started to grow hair.(finally) He was about 2 months old, my husband was cooking breakfast and my poor kitten loving food ran to the kitchen to look for a hand out. Smeagol placed himself right under the skilet and grease started poping out of the pan and landed on him. I was still in bed, but when I heard that scream I was up in a second. Of course with a little bit of oil he was alright. I felt so bad for him though, ,I saw the pain in his eyes and he in mine. Another month later, and now all of Smeagol's hair has grown, yet a black cat has now turned into a dalmation. The funniest, cutiet thing ever seen. Where the grease had landed on him his fur was now white. Now Smeagol is 5months old, and about 3 weeks ago he got a bad tummy ache. He was rushed into the emergency room. 300dollars later, he was feeling a bit okay. Of course I am still having to give him medication. Before he would fight the pills that I would have to shove down his throat. But now, he is so used to it he just takes them from my hand swallows, then drinks his water to wash it down. I thought this would be a good story to share to all you kitty cat lovers out there.

P.S. He keeps his tongue out everywhere he goes. I don't know why, but he sure is the cutiest now!

If your wondering where you have heard the name Smeagol, try Lord of the Rings 2. We named him after that goblin that always got into trouble.

Thank you for your time!
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Do you have any pics of him?
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I have tons of pictures, only problem is they aren't on the computer at the moment. I just changed computers. I have a few new ones in the camera right now. What type of pictures did you want of him, I have tons of him with his lil tongue sticking out. hehe I'll get them to you as soon as I can, remind me.
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Poor kitten what a life, Hope he is doing good now.
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Sounds like you could write a book called "The Misadventures of Smeagol". Hopefully his future will be a bit smoother than his past! I'd love to see some pictures of him. And by the way, Chriztal, Lynx and Christian, welcome to the forums, but be careful - it's addictive!
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haha, Thanks JCat...O and by the way, your cat you have a picture of in your signature looks alot like an older addition of Smeagol!!
How cute. And yes, this is addicting!
I have alot of pictures I need to get them up on this forum. Some with my ducklings and some staring at fishes, staring at his empty bowl of food. LOL he is a hoot!!
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