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Cuddle time!

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My babies

My two boys Bugsy and Capone.

Bugsy and Bonnie cuddling.

And now..... True love!! I swear these two are inseparable. They love each other so much.

Caught in the act!!
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the caught in the act one is so cute!
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Oh my stars, aren't they the cutest "odd' couple!!!
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I love the picture of the cat and dog snuggling. they are so sweet
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It's so great to see a dog and cat gettin their snuggles on! I love it "caught in the act" Too cute!
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Awww, I love the last two pictures!! Caught in the act... hehehe, that's cute.

Your babies are all very beautiful. =)
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Bonnie's eyes look like they are going to pop out with Bugsy sitting on her.

The ones with the dog and cat are just too cute. All of your babies are beautiful!
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Is that Bonnie with Bruno? Looks like she's fit in well!
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What a beautiful little fur family you have there Always so nice to see them all getting along
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I Bugsy!!

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Very precious!!

...PS your Bugsy looks like my Taffy!!
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Those last two pictures are just the sweetest!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Is that Bonnie with Bruno? Looks like she's fit in well!
Hahah, no doubt about that. As soon as we got her she was trying to cuddle with the boys, or course my kitties swatted her and growled but I don’t even think she noticed. She still went around cuddling everyone regardless of the other animal’s reaction. Now they are used to her and don’t mind her cuddles. Her and Bruno though, amazing, and so cute! They cuddle every single day, they love each other so much!

Thanks all for the nice replies! I have the last one as the wall paper for my computer at work... everytime i get stressed i look at it and it makes me smile lol.
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