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Wilbur's new toy

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I needed to keep the cats occupied so I splurged and spent about 3 dollars on some play balls with feathres. Wilbur's never seen this type of toy before.

based on this video, I don't think i'll be getting another one.
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He did a great job of killing it!
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LOL!!! I have those very same toys and my cats just leave them laying around...
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Ari likes to rip the feathers out, too.

I take the feathers off and attach them to a string and make a wand toy.
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Well he enjoyed it! Flower did the same thing to her toy like that, but she ate all the feathers. So I don't buy feather toys any more.
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Too funny!!
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That made me really lol. He loved it!
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Glad to see he enjoyed it while it lasted. Also glad to see he is feeling better.
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Way to go Wilbur! lol omg that was too cute!
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ooohhhhhh the carnage!!!!!!

hmmm... I think you got your $3 worth!
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Wilbur looks like he's having SO much fun though!!!

But yea that's what my Mulder does with his toys that have feathers. So no feathers for him!
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Well at least you know he enjoyed it.
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He sure did a good job destroying the toy. I love the last picture. Did you place the feathers in the picture, or did Wilbur have them ... "photogenically placed"? :p

Hmmm... I don't think my kitties have been exposed to feathers yet. I wonder how they'll react...
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nope, believe it or not. taht's exactly how he left it. he pulled all the feathers out then just laid there admiring his work.
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omg that was very funny.....mine do the same with feathered toys and other daughter got some pens with those fuzzy feathers on the end...they didn't last long....we had to through them out
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Wow. I bought the same toys for Ricky Bobby. They lasted longer than that, lol, about a month. Until tonight... DH was like look at what your cat is doing, and there he was pulling all the feathers out of the toy. lol Then he fell asleep right next to his work.
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OMG! Go Wilbur go! LOL!
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That's hilarious! Daphne has those toys, too but she plays fetch with them. To get her to go crazy I'd have to spray them with catnip
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