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1 week untill my due date!!

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7 days untill the day my baby is due and I am going crazy! I am so uncomfortable, once I fall asleep I have to wake up to roll over or go to the bath room and then I can't fall asleep again. I am SOO done! Sorry I have not been arround alot lately things have just been SOO busy getting everything ready. Eric think's I have lost my mind becasue I vacuume 2-3 times a day and was on my hands and knees cleaning the floors becasue if I don't do it now it will not get done for awhile! I am like 90% sure I have everything I am going to need right away and I am ready. This kis has so many clothes its insane! His dresser is full and his closet is getting full and I am expecting at least 5 more boxes of clothes from friends and family. For awhile I was really stressed becasue we ordered the travel system (stroller and car seat) that I wanted 2 weeks before Christmas and it just got here Monday. So that was a HUGE relief!

Any tips on how to surive these last few days of pregnency?
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I'm so glad your travel system got here in time. They won't let you leave if you don't have an appropriate car seat.

I've got no tip on surviving though. I'm only 21 weeks and some days I'm fed up wit it so I can only imagine how you must feel. Just think, you've survived 39 weeks already... whats 7 more measly days?! Plus, once it's over and he's here, you'll have a beautiful baby boy to show for all the hard work.
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No advice here just wanted to wish you luck. I just noticed the highchair we wanted went MIA from the stores. I am glad you got the travel system in time. You are definitely nesting. I don't know how you get on your hands/knees to clean the floor though. I can't get up once I am down. I hear you about the clothes. My cousin dropped 4 boxes off. I had to re-work my registry a bit.

I have about 12 weeks left and just starting with the uncomfortable sleeping.
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for healthy Mom and babe. I have no advice. I adopted mine
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Sounds like you are 'nesting'. Having everything clean and tidy before baby's arrival

Good luck to you both, and sending some
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I was really stressed about the travel system becasue one night I was having contractions about 4-5min apart and I was in a panic becasue I didnt have everything ready and are car seat wasnt here yet. Luckly it was just fales labor, but it really stressed me out and I started calling everyday to see when it was going to get here lol. Apperently if you harass them enough they get the job done.

As to on my hands and knees cleaing the floors, its really not easy lol. Its so hard to stand back up once I am on the floor! Eric has to help me back up.

I went to get some cat food today and the guy at the store was like "when is your baby due, yesterday?" My feelings were hurt People should watch what they say to prego women!!

We don't have are high chair yet, but he is not going to be in right away so I am not too worried about that. The box my mom sent got here an hour ago and it was just PACKED with clothes. At least she got me bigger sizes this box was mostly 12-18 months. It is all so cute! Babies are so fun I just need to stay sane for a few more days!
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How exciting!!! I wish you all easy labor vibes!
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Best wishes
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Awwwww, I love babies! My good friend just had one

Congrats!!! I hope everything goes smoothly and comfortably from now on!
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Thank you! My next Dr's apt is tomorrow so I plan to ask him how much longer he thinks. People keep telling me to plan to go past my due date, but ug! No thanks
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I knew two women who were very near their due date too, and coincidentally, both were totally ready to have the baby out already.

Best wishes for a fast and easy labor.
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Aw!! I can't personally relate; but most of my friends have kids so I've heard them all say what you've said basically. My best friend just had her second this week and I know she had been uncomfortable for a while. She went to her husband's work Christmas party just before the holiday and she was telling me about all the crazy contests and prizes they gave out. And she said all she could think was "Can I have the prize for most pregnant!?!?!?!" Poor thing!
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