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Litter box mats

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had anyone tried this litter box mat?

Litter buster mat

the one i have now is plastic eith small plastic spikey things and it doesn't stop all the litter from tracking everywhere, maybe this one is better, any ideas?
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I've had a couple kinds, including that one.
For us the litter still does track everywhere (some cats will jump over the mat if they don't like it.) but there was always a lot of little caught in the mat as well!
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I haven't tried them, therefore I use towels under their litter seems to work pretty good
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I use Stop Trax works great! Here is the link:

Stop Trax
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I've tried the litter buster - JC apparently didn't like it, because he kept dragging it away from his litterbox. I guess he didn't like the feel of it under his feet. We now have a little plastic mat with ridges, in the shape of a paw, and a hand-held, battery-operated vacuum on the wall near his box. The Stop Trax looks good.
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My kitty Day-Z loves to throw litter out of her litter box. I don't have a clue how to get her to stop. She thinks that the litter is "little balls" for her to sling around. It's a hard job to clean up. I put the litter box on a towel, I know that really helps the tracking of litter everywhere, but not if your cat is crazy like mine and tries to get the litter out of the box. hehe
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Recently, i got one of these mats for Sea, my foster kitty. i think i chose this particular one as it matches the color of her litter box... teehee!!

It has a rought surface, and traps the litter whenever she steps out of her litterbox. During clean up work, i need to shake off the litter off the mat, and vacuum around the litter area. i figured some mat is better than no mat.

i caught her playing with it several times..

Here is Sea entering her loo:

The mat i got for Daisy and Venus is different. It has a rough surfaces, but the texture is not as "shaggy." Again, the color matches their litter box.

Here is a pix of the mat:

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Shirley dear, your such a hoot sometimes! I love that litter box set up you've got in the tent, haha, talk about privacy, and it's even carpeted! I don't even have a carpeted bathroom.
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Angel... teehee!! Congrats again for your new car -- very cool!

Yeah, i guess i am a walking clown. i have yet to know another who does the same... i guess it IS okay to be different...

At least my furbabies do not mind... i always see them playing in and out the tent, oops, i mean their loo.

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gurlpower: i have the same mat that u have for Venus and Daisy! i found that even thought it did control the tracking, some litter did get out. so now i'm trying to fins a mat that controls the tracking better

hmm stop trax looks interesting, a bit pricy though..but hey if i works well.!
u don't have to buy 'refils' for it or anything right? im gettign confused.. it says

4 LOW COST: Eliminates tracked litter for 50¢ a month!
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I use that exact brand for my Calvin and Hobbes, Hobbes wasn't too keen on it but wouldnt be outdone by Cal who started marking it right away. I introduced them to it in our "safe spot" a place where i also touch thier teeth and extend thier claws. its a spot where no play is allowed and they can leave anytime they chose, but are encouraged to stay with cooing, kind talk, and massive petting :P anyhow, once introduced i moved it under thier boxes with them watching. They enjoy it and i enjoy not having to feel kitty litter under my feet
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Maybe you need a deeper box or perhaps a covered box for your enthusiastic kitten. Good luck!
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which one do you use for Calvin and Hobbes?
I use that exact brand for my Calvin and Hobbes,
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I use the same matfor both my boys, as the first person posted
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We've had very mixed results with this mat and a number of others. In our case we did find it help reduce tracking, but our cats also had a tendency to use the mat instead of the litter box on occasion and at least one of our cats preferred to leap over the mat rather than walk on it. In the end we've picked up the mats and placed a regular door mat outside the bathrooms where the litter boxes are located (and sweep constantly in the bathroom!)

As for throwing litter, with our 8 cats we're now down to four litter boxes (from a max of 7.) We found with covered boxes that whenever a cat was inside another one would hide nearby to try and ambush her on the way out. This created some issues about not using the litter box, so we eliminated the covers. We now use two regular, high walled boxes (litter is still thrown from these) and two Rubbermaid 18 gallon storage containers. These containers are VERY high walled and greatly reduce the amount of litter thrown out. We don't use the lid, but it can be used with a hole can be cut in the top to provide a little "privacy" if desired. These are very inexpensive, about half the price of a regular cat tray.

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What actually has worked the best for me is a piece of carpet remnant. Make sure it is large enough to give you approx. a 12 inch lip once the
litterbox is set on it. The carpet catches and contains the litter and all you have to do to is shake it out outside and you are done.

No more tracking that way!
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The litter pad that you are looking at is like outdoor turf. I had one of the spikey plastic pads for a long time too and was very disappointed with the results, I was vacuuming everyday. These are definately a million times better. I still have to vacuum some litter but it's nothing like it was before.
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cool...i think i have to get rid of the plastic spikey one! and get one of those!
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