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Kitten Treats?!?!

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Today we went to the pet shop to get Nala some food and wanted to get her some kitten treats. They had loads but hardly any treats specifically for kittens and the ones they did have didn't look very nice.

Does any one have any suggestions of good treats for a kitten a few days off 3 months old?

Thanks in advance!

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At that age if the kitten is munching on dry foods, then no reason he can't have the normal cat treats. I like the Temptations ones.

I have a mix of the green ones and the the yellow (chicken) ones together for Charlie. Ling doesn't like them.
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I always just give them regular treats. My kitties prefer the soft/moist treats so they are easier to chew but Mulder got hooked on Greenies crunchy treats at about 5-6 months.
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ah thanks alot
think we might try the whiskas temptations. we were looking at them today but thought we would wait untill we had asked on here. there is also ones with Kit in the name by whiskas but I think we will try her with temptations!
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The Walmart here has actual "kitten" treats. I don't remember what brand they were, but they weren't any of the more common brand names. I think the only real difference between them and the regular "cat" treats were that the pieces were smaller so easier for a small kitten to eat. Nora loved them, but we only bought one package and then didn't buy them again. She's 8 months old and has been getting Greenies for a while and loves them.
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I wish I could run out and get Toby some treats now, but it's snowing like crazy out there and I'd prefer not to drive... thanks for the ideas though!
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Okay I'm finally off to get her some treats! She's been such a good kitty that she really deserves some! I think I'll try the Whiskas Temptations also...

UPDATE: I got the Whiskas Temptations in savory salmon and seafood medley. She LOVES them! I just got the small bags as they were cheaper and I wasn't sure if she'd even like them... yay!
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