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Man, y'all's school officials are wimps!

They have to all but shut down the city in Colorado for them to call a snow day for the schools. About the only times I remember there being snow days is when there is 1 foot or more of snow, and generally only when we adults can't get to work either. Granted, we don't usually have the bitter cold since it's a dry climate here, but even when it's in the single digits when the kiddies head to school, they don't close them just because it's cold. I've never heard of the schools here closing because it's cold!
So true - I never remember it being closed down much because of snow. One year we had a flood. But snow rarely. It didn't help that the big storms came at times like Thanksgiving and Christmas break when we were already off.

I remember the first time I was dealing with our purchasing organization in North Carolina. Even the forecast of snow caused businesses to close down early and everyone to raid the grocery stores.

Here, a couple of years before, there was one of the nastiest storms in history on Christmas eve. The state patrol was advising people to not go out, cars were getting stuck all over the place, and there still were people going out to finish their Christmas shopping. Meanwhile, the store workers (including me) were wondering if they were going to get home.

It is all what you are used to.