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Prayers are needed

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My daughter is 17 years old. Today two of her friends were killed in a car accident, the third, in critical but stable condition. These kids were "playing" - going 125 miles per hour on a country road. The first boy was crushed and killed instantly, the second boy died in the hospital - his brain exposed. The girl has a hole in her skull and it is going to take all the prayers, candles and good wishes (whether you are religious or not, send light this young girls way). Her name is Jen - she is a senior in high school - she is due to graduate in three weeks. The boys names were Lee and Ryan - they were also seniors who won't be graduating this year. All three were part of my daughter and her boyfriend's crowd - they went to the prom together - they went to parties together and hung out at each other's homes. These were good kids - but doing that stupid boy thing with fast cars and dares. As sad as my daughter is, she is alive and these other children are not and although Jen might live, she will never be the same again. Please give us your usual cat site prayers and wishes, although this time it is for human children rather than our normal furry kids.
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Those kids are in my thoughts and prayers. I was at work last night when I heard the call go out and thought of Ally. I didn't realize how close she was to them. Please tell her how sorry I am.


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I don't know what is going on, but there seems to be a lot of death going around. my grandfather died saturday, a highschool classmate died sunday (our 10 year reunion is in one month) and tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of my mothers death. I spent today at my grandfathers funeral and then at my mothers grave to pay my respects there.

not to mention Hissy having to put Black Paws down,, Phoebe passing, Andy passing....the list goes on and on.

all 3 of these young adults (it doesn't seem right to say kids) are in my thoughts & prayers & I will be praying that Jen pulls through. My heart goes out to your daughter for the losses that she has to suffer.

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Oh, wow. She'll be in my prayers, as will the families of the boys that died. I'll kiss my kids extra tonight...

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The carnage goes on. I often marvel at the dumb things I did years ago that could have resulted just like that. My prayer will go out to all the children and their families and another for your daughter. Please assure her that she could not have prevented this in any way. God bless you both.
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This is sad news, for sure. I will remember your friends and family in my thoughts and prayers. I too, will give my teen an extra hug and kiss tonight.
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I too will be praying for all involved. Please let us know if we can do anything other than just offer prayer support.
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I am very sad to learn of that terrible accident. I shall pray for Jen, in hopes she will recover, although as you pointed out she will never be the same. What madness this "car culture" society of ours produces!

I know you're doing all in your power to comfort your daughter at this time. I shall pray for you two as well, since the accident surely brings to mind how tenuous our grip on life can be.

Sadly, a wonderful young woman also named Jen (Jennifer Vamvas) passed away several days ago. She was one of my on-line "buddies" at Hole.Com; and she had such a kind heart, extending helping hands to anyone in need. She died at the scene of an automobile accident, her car having gone out of control when she swerved to avoid striking an object in the road.

May my buddy Jen, as well as the two young men in the accident you reported to us, rest in peace. And may Jen, the young woman in hospital, not know a life of unbearable suffering.

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My toughts and prayers go out to all involved. My son is 18 and I worry every minute he is in his car. He has lost many high school friends that have been in car accidents. With all the deaths from car accidents you would think the kids would not do anything foolish. It is a real shame.

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My prayers go out to the families of Lee, Ryan and Jen. I am not a parent (of human children) but I do have several nieces and nephews that I worry about. Everyone who has a child should give them an extra hug.

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I can only echo what all others have said.

When I read this post half an hour ago, I logged off and called my 22 year old son, just to tell him I love him. He of course thought I was nuts, but I felt I needed to tell him.

My sypathy to all family and friends of those lost, and a prayer for Jen and hers.

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I'm not very good at dealing with tough spots like this, so all I can say is I'm sorry and I will be praying for all of you.
Best Wishes,
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I will deffinately pray for the families and for the young lady who is hanging on! I pray she makes it and I pray she will not suffer the rest of her life! I too gave my son a big hug and kiss!
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my prayers are with you and your daughter and her friend,
the families of those two boys, and the family of the girl in the hospital.

i send a prayer that she pulls through.

what a terrible tragedy, it breaks my heart.

what a sad couple weeks it's been here for all of us. i feel blessed
that we all have each other in these hard times.
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My thoughts exactly. It seems as though it has been one thing after another lately.

Teenagers are the most fragile creatures, for they believe themselves to be invincible. My prayers are with Jen, the families of the 2 boys, your daughter, and you, too, Rene.
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I hope your daughter's friend will make it thru...... as of today, how is she doing? Was your daughter involved in the accident? Teenagers are so bold..... driving fast.... it is sad, especially at graduation time to hear of such things. I hope Jen will be ok.
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Jen came out of her coma today - although she is in guarded condition, her chances of survival are much better today than yesterday. She has a broken neck with NO SPINAL injury! Very good for her and she has no internal injuries. She does have a hole in her skull, but that is fixable too, according to the report. This is actually a very lucky girl - I believe this site is very strong in its support during hard times and please don't stop your support just yet!

Last night I was in bed when I heard my daughter tell my husband (at 10 pm) she was going out to her boyfriends house. I called her and she ignored me and left - my husband had thought I had gone crazy and given her permission to go out at 10 pm on a school night! And so I called her boyfriend's parents and told them I wanted her home immediately. She was upset when she came in a few minutes later, but I explained that every mother in this town wanted her teenager home, under their roof, safe and sound that night. That we all know there are two mothers crying their eyes out and one praying her daughter lives - and although I know her boyfriend is suffering, I am more important right now. She didn't want to understand, but she did.

And my sad story - Lee was Keith's (my daughter's boyfriend) best friend. Today I drove by the crash site and saw a cross put up with Lee's name on it - hanging from the cross was a hemp necklace - a necklace Keith has not taken off in three years - a last tribute to his friend. The funerals are Monday - it will be a sad day for many people - but it is the families of the boys who will suffer for years and years to come - my daughter is alive and as sad as I feel, that is the reality. I am sorry for these mothers and their pain, but I am glad my daughter is asleep in her bed.
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This thread gives me the shudders...My son just got his permit to drive 4 weeks ago and can only drive with his parents or a adult older than 21 so..we still have control but in just 5 short months he will have his full license I pray that he will have commom sense and not drive like a typical teenager (please!!!)
He is bed right, but I will give him a an extra hug tomorrow. I will pray for all three families....And Rene cyberhugs and YOU did the right thing in making your daughter come home...right away!!
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I am so sorry! I heard about this horrible accident, but to hear from someone who knew them, well, it just brings it home. I have been praying for her since I heard about the accident. Big hugs to your daughter too, she must be going through Hell. I believe this is the third year in a row Lebanon has lost young people at this time of year. The anticipation of graduation seems to bring out the worst...the daredevil recklessless of youth combined with the party atmosphere results in terrible tragedies. My heart goes out to all the families and friends.
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