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Is it too late??

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So, I am trying to find my perfect little cat, and I have found this cute little russian cat and she is 4 months old, but she still hasn't been vaccinated or anything. So, should I take her, and vaccinate her, or is it too late for the first vaccination??!
Please only answers if you're sure your answer is correct. Thank you!!
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You can take her for vaccinations
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She can still be vaccinated. I would get her tested for fiv/felv also. Here they won't even do the rabies shot until they are 4 months old, so you're fine.
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that will be fine if you can afford vaccines. our kitten Nala hasn't had her vaccinations yet and shes almost 3 months. but 4 months is fine to get her vaccinated. just go for a vet checkup once you get her and the vet can check her all over and let you know about vaccines and stuff.
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Kizzy will be 6mos on the 17th, and I just got his vaccines yesterday.

I've only had him for a little over a month, when he came to me he had a URI and ringworm, so I couldn't get him vaccinated while he was sick.

It is definately not too late to get her vaccinated.
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