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Sad Situation

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Hi All,

I can't begin to describe the feeling of desperation, when you know time is counting down, and you know that you're about to loose your precious babies and there's nothing you can do to stop it. However, I'm sure you could all relate.

I've come into a situation, where the time between moving from one house to the next may be only a few weeks (2 max), but where I get the cold shoulder from catteries (because of it being more than "4" - I don't drive, my choices are limited and not to mention they're way out of my budget if you times it by the number of cats I have), where none of my friends or family are willing to help as they aren't in a situation where they can, and where I can't keep them with me, because until I move into my new place, I'm going to be staying in a hotel.

I've been looking for a solution for weeks, and each day, it grows more and more darker and depressing, because, in Australia - any Australian's will know, since not many of our cat places have a "non kill policy", that in Summertime, with an explosive kitten population, that adult cats have **** all chance of being adopted, and thus, I feel ready to vomit that this might happen.

I'm running around like a madman trying to find a solution. But, when you think it'll never happen to you, no matter how many pets you have, no matter how much you might have, when the bottom of your world drops out, and you get to such a point - (and theres more to my situation than I can explain) it could be anybody that can be screwed.

I don't know what to do. Not sure if this is the right place to post this. It sickens and saddens me, that just a period of 2 weeks (I live a state away from my family) could cause me to loose my beloved. I don't know what posting this will accomplish, but I don't really have anybody who understands my love of cats and my multi cat household.
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You might want to put up some posters or take an ad out in the local's for forster care for the transition period. Some good samaritan might step up to help.
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Yes, that's a good suggestion, make some posters & ads explaining the situation. Are there rescue groups in your area, maybe someone there will have a suggestion for temporary care? Or maybe you can sweet-talk the hotel owner? Or the owner of a different hotel?

I am so sorry, and I feel for you. I hope you can figure something out!
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I would think you might be able to find a hotel that will let you have them there with you. Even hotels that are traditionally “no pets†might be willing to work with you if you explain the situation.

Does your vet offer boarding? Even if they don’t if you have a good relationship with them you could ask if you could pay them to keep them. I’m sure they don’t want to lose your business by you having to get rid of your cats…

Do you have any classifieds websites (like in the US we have Craigslist) where you could perhaps post an ad looking for temporary foster care for them?

You may have looked into all of that, I’m just trying to help. It is a very sad situation and I wish there was something I could do to help! :hug:
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Could you talk to your vet staff, the vet techs, person that answers the phone, the clinic manager, etc. and explain the situation. Sometimes the staff will help out in urgent cases. Might be worth checking out. You could offer whatever you can afford or maybe trade a service, cleaning, etc. The vet office may trade you to help at the clinic in exchange for boarding.

Praying for a solution.
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I'm not sure how things are where you live, but there are some hotels that do allow pets. I know La Quinta is animal friendly as my husband, 3 ferrets, 2 cats, and 1 dog stayed the night there on our drive to Texas. Once here we stayed in Staybridge Suites for 6 weeks with all the animals. Those are the only two I know of for sure, but I imagine there must be others. Good luck!
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Thankyou all for the well wishes. I'm glad to report that I have sorted the situation out and that me and all my cats (plus the monster cat I posted about a few minutes ago lol) are moving into our new house tomorrow. Thanks again!
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