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Please help - my cat is having trouble peeing

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Hi everybody

I'm new here. My cat Hendrix has a history of crystals and 2 blockages, this was over 5 years ago. he is now 10 and we moved house a month ago, the vet tested his urine and he has a few crystals. They put him on food to disolve it but over last weekend he was peeing alot, I took him to the vets and they said his bladder was now inflamed and he has a bit of blood in his urine. He was in the vets for a few days, I have him home now and he is mostly peeing quite well but is still straining occasionally. He has been on pain relief for 4 days. I'm stressed and not sure what to do. Does anybody know when he will be over the inflamed bladder? They said its not cystitis but his bladder is just a bit inflamed.
Thanks Sara
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Did the vet ever do a ultrasound.?
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no they haven't done that. he only has had a urine test.
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I would ask for one.
Coco gets them and they show alot.
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really? thanks I will ask for one.
hendrix seems pretty okay but the straining/trickling is worrying me.

I have to go back to work next week and wont be able to monitor how much he is peeing.

Do you know how much cats should be peeing or what is too much?
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It depends on how much water he drinks.
My Coco has a thick bladder and has e coli again.
She has also has bladder stones before with ecoli.
How many times has he had problems?
Has he had meds?
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hmmm. right now not so much, i was giving him cat milk, which he loved. But the vet said while were getting rid of the crystals just give him water. I haven't seen him drink any at all. But I put water in his wet food.

oh your poor kitty. I hope Coco gets better soon.

he had the blockages twice when he was younger, then a a few years later we were living with another cat and he had cystitis alot. But he hasn't had urinary problems in years. Except spraying when we flatted and when I was in a crappy relationship. For the last year though he's had no problems at all.

hes on this stuff at the mo called temgesic, its a liquid that I have to put in his cheek. The vet said its a pain killer.
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Thans Coco started having the problem in Aug 2006.
I looked it up its teh same pain med Coco gets but its called Buprenorphine over here.
It works good for pain.
Is yours in the 5 vials that you give once a day for 5 days?
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As he has a history of problems, I would also talk to the vet about his diet. Mine put Wellington on a urinary diet for life after he had two blockages. He has been fine since.
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